How do you check to see which element is bad in a hot water heater with an ohms meter?

To test and replace a heating element: # Turn off power at the Electrical Service Panel and post a sign warning others not to turn it on. # Remove the access panel on the electric water heater. # Disconnect one of the element wires and set a multimeter to RX1000 (resistance times 1,000). Touch one probe to an element mounting bolt and the other to each element terminal screw, in turn. If the tester displays anything but infinity (open circuit), replace the element. # If necessary, set the multimeter to RX1 and touch the probes to the terminal screws. If there is any resistance reading at all (closed circuit), then the element is good. If not, replace it. Both upper and lower elements are tested in the same manner. # To remove the element, first drain the heater. # Disconnect the remaining element wire. Remove the mounting bolts holding the element in place. Remove the element. # Replace the heating element with one of the same model, shape, and rating. Make sure you also replace any installation gaskets.