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If you have a 2.2 engine you check the trnsmission on a lift. On the right side of transmission is a drain plug. You take plug out and if fluid runs out it is full.

If you have a manual, you should not be checking the fluid. Unless there is a leak detected. In this case, you need to bring your car to a mechanic...

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Q: How do you check transmission fluid in a 2001 Cavalier?
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Where is transmission dipstick located on a 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Answer: Transmission DipstickThere is not a dipstick for the transmission on a 2001 chev. cavalier, you can check the transfer fluid and it is located underneath the master cylinder.Motor T Mechanic- USMC

How do you check the trans fluid level for a 2001 Cavalier 2.2?

need to know if it is and automatic or a standard shift transmission Automatic has no dipstick to check trans fluid.

How do you check transmission fluid lever 2001 Chevy Metro?

how do you check transmission fluid level in a 2001 chevy metro

Where is the 2001 740IL BMW transmission fluid dip stick?

how do you check transmission fluid in 2001 bmw car

When should you check your transmission fluid?

I have a 2001 325ci BMW with 150,000 miles. When should I check or change the transmission fluid?

What kind of automatic transmission fluid does a 2001 Chevy cavalier take?

A 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier with an automatic transmission takes dextron / mercron type fluid. It is sometimes abbreviated dex/merc. Dextron / mercron fluid is used in almost all American made automatic transmissions,

Where is your transmission stick on 2001 cavalier?

It doesn't have one. To check the automatic transmission fluid level the car must be raised level on a lift. From underneath the car on the passenger side of the transmission case you will find a small plug. Remove the plug, if it's full, the fluid will be right at the opening.

A 2001 Chevy Cavalier is stuck in park but the gear shift still moves it was switched from park to reverse and it felt like it sort of snapped What is the deal?

check your transmission fluid or it may be something electrical if your cavalier transmission is run by electronics. If not it may be a sun gear inside the transmission so you may need to get the transmission rebuilt.

How do you check the transmission fluid in a 2001 Chevy S-10 standard shift?

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How do you check transmission fluid-2001 BMW X5?

Swish do Nat open

The park setting on 2001 Camry transmission doesn't work?

Check the transmission fluid level, if it's not enough add more fluid.

How do you check transmission fluid on 2001 catera?

there is not a good way for you to check it, but a dealership can check it for you. the transmission also holds only 6.5 .qts if you have the 3.0l

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