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How do you clean a foggy pool?

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Sweep out any debris. Amend the chemicals and run the pump.

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Why is your pool water foggy?

s like you have a problem with algae.

How can you clean spit from the pool?

how to clean spit in a pool

What would cause a pool to stay green and foggy?

Algae will develop in untreated water turning the water green and or foggy. If it is a swimming pool, and you don't mind, it can be treated with chemicals that you can get at the big box hardware stores or a pool supply place. If the pool is for fish you can use a biological filter and pump system.

Why is Pool water foggy after adding chlorine?

The chlorine is reacting to minerals in the water.

How often do you have to clean a inground pool?

I have to clean my pool every 2 days.......

What type of pool service do I need to clean my pool?

I wanted to start having pool parties in my backyard. My pool looks dark and dingy. Would a pool service clean It?

How do you keep your swimming pool clean?

You clean it.

How do you clean murky and green pool water in an easy set pool?

Drain/Backwash the pool, clean the inside, and add fresh water.

How do you clean green algae of the bottom of a pool?

you clean green algae off the bottom of the pool putting some chlorine in it and that should take care of it but if it doesn't then you should clean the bottom of the pool and do some scrubbing with your pool vacuum.

How do you clean cloudy pool water?

clean the filter

Do you need to clean the pool after a kid has poop in their swimsuit?

Yes, whether it be a public pool, or a private pool, you must clean after an event like this occurs.

How do you clean the water in a little blow up pool?

Dump out the water, clean the plastic pool with soap and water, rinse it out and refill the pool from a hose.

How do you clean pool without chlorine?

you would have to convert the pool to saltwater there really is no way to clean it without chlorine

What element is used to clean bacteria out of a pool?

Chlorine kills bacteria their for it will clean and disinfect your pool or hot tube

Is the pool clean when kid vomits in it?

If a child or for that matter an adult vomits in the pool you should clear the pool clean out the material vomited into the pool by netting skimming and vacuuming. Shock the pool and leave overnight to be on the safe side.

How do you keep a small pool clean?

clean it with soap and water

How often should I run a chlorinator to keep a pool clean?

You should run a chlorinator every couple of weeks in your pool in order to keep it clean. Bacteria can grom in your pool and chlorine helps keep it clean.

What type of chemicals are you suppose to use in your pool to keep it clean?

You can add chlorine and that should keep the pool very clean.

How do you clean a white fiberglass pool?

ask a pool care tech at your local pool supplier.

Does a penny clean your pool little blow up pool with a filter?


What should you put in your pool to keep it clean?

Put chlorine in the pool!

How pure is pool water?

Pool water has chlorine in it which is a very strong powder that makes the pool clean. If you swallow a lot of pool water that is strong you could die. Pure water is clean with no chemicals.

Why would water go foggy in a clean fish tank?

I think it is very dirty and needs to be cleaned.

How do you get rid of cotton from your pool?

I have to clean it

How do you clean dirt off the bottom of the pool?

You can use a pool vacuum to clean dirt off the bottom of a pool. A pool vacuum clear is designed to be connected to a water source or it can be connected to your pool's circulation system.