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Most cloth covered sofas can be cleaned by gently rubbing or brushing with a little kitchen detergent in water. Don't use too much water, or detergent. Start with just a little bit and see how you go. If it is successful, then do it all.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-08 00:57:27
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Q: How do you clean a sofa that has washed denim material on it?
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How do you clean white leather sofa?

You clean a white leather sofa with glycerin... then use a clean cloth and wipe...

How do you clean colored leather sofa?

you clean any leather sofa with glycerin .... Your welcome .... i guess

Why do you need sofa shampoo?

To clean the sofa without damaging the fabric

How do you Clean sunblock from leather sofa?

How do you Clean sunblock from leather sofaANSWER: get a wet rag and gently wipe it up.

How to correct this sentence get them dirty dogs off of my clean sofa shouted nana?

ยจGet them (those) dirty dogs off my clean sofa!ยจ Shouted Nana

What is the best way to clean smells from upholstery such as a sofa?

Steam clean them.

How do you clean urine stain on suede sofa?

i think the better question is, how did you get urine on your sofa??? lol!

Restoring leather on a leather sofa - to clean and soften?

How to soften a new hard leather sofa?

How can you remove red nail polish from your navy blue sofa if it's almost a denim material?

I know I seem crazy but, just use nail polish remover. use it on a cloth and just scrub scrub scrub.

What are some advice on cleaning a sofa?

Some advice for cleaning a sofa is to take the separate cushions of your couch and clean them individually. You can also find a furniture attachment for most brands of vacuums to help clean your sofa as well.

What can you use at home to clean your leather sofa?


How do you clean cigarette smoke from leather sofa?

pee on it

How do you clean bong water out of a sofa?

lots of febreeze

How does one clean a stain on a sectional sofa?

It depends on the material, the best bet is to just take the material to the dry cleaners. You can try water with clothes washing detergent and stain remover, or just soap and other cleaning products.

How do you clean a cow leather sofa?

Use a bit of polish.

What is a durable material I should look for on a sofa for my family with 3 busy toddlers?

A sofa made of leather woudl be very durable.

How do you get denim dye off leather upholstery?

I suggest trying the Mr. Clean White Eraser. It's worked on my leather cream colored sofa for all kinds of stains and dirt. Just moisten the eraser with a bit of water and start wiping. Good luck!

How do you clean feather filled sofa?

To clean a down sofa, you may put the pillows or cushions in a tub with soap and hot water, and then allow to dry. The actual couch can also be carefully cleaned with soap and water.

What is the best way to clean and dust a Velvet sofa?

The best way to clean and dust a velvet sofa is using a vacuum and some type of upholstery cleaner. You can find both of these products available at your local retail store.

What do you use to clean a leather sofa?

soap what do u clean yourself with Soap would dry out the leather.

How popular are sofa covers among bachleors?

Sofa covers are relatively popular among bachelors, given the cost of fabric cleaning. It is much easier to remove a cover and throw it in the washing machine than it is to clean a sofa.

How do you clean ink stains from sofa covers?

You can use fresh hot sperm

What is the best way to care for leather sofa recliners?

If you have a leather sofa recliner, then regular cleaning is not necessary. You will want to spot clean it as needed and only with a leather cleaner.

When should you steam clean a sofa?

Most sofas, recliners, couches, you will need to know what it's made of..steam cleaning the wrong material will just encure the wraith of the mildew and stinky odor gods..try a product called Tuff Stuff, sold at walmarts for under $4, before you attempt to steam your sofa

What style of furniture is the most popular right now for living room sofa sets?

Contemporary sofa sets are very popular. Clean lines, mono-chromatic, simple and elegant describe what shoppers are looking for in a new sofa set.