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How do you clean pubic hair?


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clean your pubic hair with soap


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Yes and no. If you are not cleaning you pubic hair or you vagina as a whole, you will get an infection on the urethral portion. Sometimes it is best to shave the pubic hair to make it clean and no urine stagnation.

They seem to think that pubic hair is 'UNCLEAN' which is of course a load of rubbish, as long as you wash at that area you are as clean as anyone.

Why there is pubic hair

Some people prefer to have shaved pubic hair, its all down to ones personal preference. Although some say its cleaner really its just as clean as having pubic hair.

No. You can have hair on your breasts, but pubic hair is in the pubic area of your body.

Shave it :| pubic hair isn't cute at all, & it's the best way to stay clean & not itch.

Well it depends on your personal taste or that of your partner. It is said that shaving your pubic hair will create the the illusion of a bigger dick, but i think that pubic hair that's kept clean and trimmed makes u feel more manly.

It is ok to shave it, but not to shave it all, you're pubic hair is there to keep you clean from bacteria. it depends on the person, if they want to shave then shave if not dont, but i like to

pupose of women pubic hair

This depends on what you consider "better." Shaving pubic hair can be very convenient because it is more comfortable and clean cut than having an excessive amount of hair on your pubic area. On the other hand, shaving pubic hair too often can result in having ingrown hairs (which lead to scarring), itching, and an uncomfortable feeling.

I have brown hair but blond pubic hair

Pubic hair is located in the pubic region. This region surrounds the genitals in both men and women.

Its scientific name, is 'Pubic Hair'.

Chlamydia does not affect your pubic hair.

blonds have blond pubic hair as red heads have red pibic hair

Sometimes in the gay community they'll shave their pubic hair but by and large American boys have pubic hair.

your facial hair is connected to your head hair and your pubic hair as you cut your facial hair your nerves in your skin tell you that your pubic hair is getting cut but is really not

Not quite. Pubic hair grows in the pubic region, not between breasts.

A Brazilian Pubic Hair Cut Is Were You Shave The Brazilian Flag In To The Pubic Region

No, Justin Bieber has not yet grown pubic hair.

No that is to young to get it. You get pubic hair when you have your period or when you hit puberty

boys grow pubic hair on their crotch.

We all have pubic hair to protect our genitals.

If she shave, then she wont have pubic hair

pubic hair dosent go away

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