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How do you remove ingrown hair from the pubic area?

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Very carefully!!!! Best bet is to use a hot compress on it which is hot washcloth or cotton ball and apply and let the heat sit on it, do this a few times whenever possible, it will draw the hair up and relieve the irritation. YOu can try drawing salve, any where a pharmacy is you can find this. The last resort if you cant stand the irritation is to use a needle and lance the skin around the center of where ingrown hair is, almost like removing a splinter but it is sensitive. DO NOT SQUEEZE IT BECAUSE THAT SENDS THE HAIR FURTHER IN AND IT HURTS LIKE HELL. Good Luck.

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Can mermaids have pubic hair?

I think they have ingrown pubic hair-- that's why you don't see it.

What is the small pea sized lump under your skin in your pubic area?

Probably an ingrown hair.

What can cause a bump in your pubic hair?

It could be an ingrown hair or a pimple.

How does a women get rid of ingrown hair on the vagina?

One way to remove an ingrown hair would be to get a pair of tweezers and pull out the hair from the irritated area.

Where are all the places you can get hair bumps?

You can get a 'hair bump' or ingrown hair where ever you have hair on your body, including face, arms, underarms, pubic area, legs, etc.

Are guys supposed to shave there pubic hairs?

No, guys are not supposed to shave their pubic fact no one is supposed to shave their pubic hair. We have pubic hair for a reason and shaving is not healthy as it risks irritation, ingrown hairs, damaged skin, infected ingrown hairs, cysts, and increases risk of some STD's.

Can being overweight cause ingrown pubic hair?

NO. Your weight has nothing to do with in-grown hairs. Your skin and thus your hair follicles are still on the outside no matter how much you weigh. Cutting your pubic hair and the regrowth of that hair in a damaged or clogged follicle causes ingrown hairs.

Can you have pubic hair on your breast?

No. You can have hair on your breasts, but pubic hair is in the pubic area of your body.

How do you clean your pubic hair without getting clogged and ingrown?

Just take a shower.

Which is better shaving pubic hair or natural?

This depends on what you consider "better." Shaving pubic hair can be very convenient because it is more comfortable and clean cut than having an excessive amount of hair on your pubic area. On the other hand, shaving pubic hair too often can result in having ingrown hairs (which lead to scarring), itching, and an uncomfortable feeling.

What do you do if you have an ingrown hair on your pubic hair?

Then your f**ked cause that sh*t pretty much means you have crabs.

Can you stop shaving your pubic hair once you start?

Once you start growing pubic hair, if you stop shaving it, it will grow back. There is no medical reason you need to continue shaving, but ou should watch out for ingrown hairs as the hair grows back. An ingrown hair can become infected and painful.

If the removal of pubic hair is essential why did they grow there?

Removal of pubic hair is not at all essential! Many chose to remove theirs for sexual reasons, but it is there for a reason. Pubic hair protects the genital area (which is especially sensitive in women).

How old should you be to shave pubic hair?

There is no age limit on shaving your pubic hair, if you're old enough to have pubic hair then you can shave. It should however be noted that pubic hair shouldn't be shaved as it's there to help protect the genitals and shaving risks various problems including ingrown hairs or cysts. Pubic hair is there for a reason, there is absolutely no need to shave your pubic hair.

How to Remove an Ingrown Hair?

Ingrown hairs are annoying and painful. Letting the hair grow out and free itself from the skin. This can be done with daily moisturizing and soft exfoliation to slowly remove the dead skin cells that are blocking the hair from reaching the surface. If you wish to remove the hair, it is possible the hair will become ingrown once again; however, a gentle pinching at the site of the ingrown hair should release the hair so you can pluck it.

Are teenage girls supposed to shave their vagina hair?

Womens' hair styles are a matter of personal preference. This includes pubic hair styling. Some women trim their pubic hair, while others let things grow naturally. And just as some men shave their heads completely, some women shave or wax their pubic hair to remove it completely. It's a personal choice. "Supposed to"? Not at all!

What are the differences between zits and herpes on the pubic area?

The difference is that a zit and herpes is that a zit in the pubic area perhaps could be due to ingrown hair or infected area. Usually has hair in the zit. Plug it out and you might just be ok. I rather you go to a doctor though. Herpes in the pubic area does NOT look like a zit. You have atleast 5-9 consecutive.blisters lined up together and will NOT have hair in the infected area. Hope it helps. Take care and God. Bless.

Why does hair grow in the pubic area?

We all have pubic hair to protect our genitals.

Should women have no pubic hair?

No, women should have pubic hair - thus why we do!Pubic hair is a sign of sexual maturity, it helps to attract mates by trapping scent, and helps to protect the genitals from damage, dirt, as well as reducing risk from STD transmission due to skin-to-skin contact during sex. Shaving or otherwise removing pubic hair all has risks such as irritation, cuts, ingrown hairs, infected ingrown hairs, and cysts.

Is it normal for a 16 year old boy to get a bump on his pubic hair skin?

Yes, it is most likely just an ingrown hair.

What can cause a Soft raised bump in your pubic area?

This can be a number of things like a bug bite, pimple, or ingrown hair. But you should always ask your local doctor.

Why does it itch when you shave your Pubic hair?

Itching is due to razor bumps, also known as ingrown hair. This is common when the hair started to grow after shaving.

Where should you get pubic hair?

In your frontal genital area, which is known as the pubic area.

Are you supposed to shave your pubic area?

No....Pubic hair serves a purpose, as does nose hair.

Does the leg grow pubic hair?

Yes. And your pubic area goes leg hair.

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