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River water can be cleansed mainly by stopping factory and municipal garbage and disposals from entering into rivers. Bathing at river ghats,idol immersions,washing cloths should be strictly prohibited in rivers. Above all, public consciousness has to be created through seminars,meetings, leaflets about the importance of keeping river water clean.

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River flows by how clean the water is.

the river water is less clean because of the river bed and animals that live in it. the mountain streams are more clean because it is fresh water running down the mountain from the top.

It is not clean because animals live in water well some and they go toilet in the water so no it is not clean!

The animals in the water do indeed keep the river clean. These animals include filter feeders like fish for example.

river water isn't suitable for drinking because it isn't clean

The Androscoggin River inspired the "Clean Water Act" of 1972

you get water and look at it under a micro scope

The Mouth is Where The Clean Water is Going Out and The Salt Water Goes in It is Also Where The River Ends. Edit: No, the mouth of the River is where it empties into a larger body of water. Brackish water has nothing to do with a mouth of a river.

never was it clean it is so dirty you cant see throw 1 feet of water which is dangerous because of piranha

well all peoples need to stop to drinking and smoke to thewn to the river and also some peoples sould be clean river no worries! By Stundent

They get from dirty or clean river sides.

yes it brings clean drinking water they also have danube day to celelbrate the clean river

The water of the Amazon River was not considered clean enough for the use of irrigation or hydroelectricity generation.

The water is clean, and well oxygenated.

they go in the river and they get water and put it on their fire

Egypt did have access to clean water. they used the Nile river. the Pharaohs used peasants and outcasts to go to the Nile lake and get a lot of fresh water.

It was very efficient at carrying water from a river or lake to a city to provide a clean water supply.

To a water plant where they clean it with chemicals and ultraviolet light, and it is pumped into the lake,river or reservoir where they first get the water.

It is because if there is any waster or dust particles in the water .To clean the water it is using screening.

you have to find a river and hope it comes straight from the mountains and is clean.

The fish drink it, we use it for drinking because when it goes into the ground pipes the pipes clean the dirty water from the river and we drink it!

The water of ganga river does not get spoiled for years because there are bacteriopahges in it which kill other microorganisms keeping it clean and pure for years

no it leads to a water filtration processing center where the water is treated and then the clean water is released as the "trash" is set aside.

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