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1) Clean up your Start Up section Stop all unnecessary programs from running at startup. There is no need to have any IM program running if you are not using them. Also stop loading from bootup programs that you only use sporadically Go to Programs>Startup Delete the icons --they are only shortcuts, not the programs.

2) Close unneccesary programs On the bottom right of your screen you will have all programs that start from bootup. Right click on any program you do not use and find a way to stop it from loading on startup (usually under options or preferences).

3)Run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter that you find on your computer at Programs>Accessories>System Tools>. I recommend that you restart your computer before doing this to be sure that everything is closed - it is more convenient.

4) If the internet is slow, delete the browsing history: In the Internet: History>Clear Recent History or Tools>Delete History. Make sure cookies is included in the items you delete, along with temporary files.

5) If you have had the computer for some time and this has just started after you have added software, you may have exceeded the capabilities of the memory on your computer. You might buy more memory since memory is cheap these days. If you can spare $30-50 then you can upgrade your memory. This will get you the most performance gain. Make sure you know the memory type your motherboard will support before you purchase memory--you need slots to install the memory card. You may need help on this step--

3) CAUTION: Download a program You can find programs at that will help to optimize your system (memory, registry, etc.) Check out the reviews and download one that has a free trial. If you like it you can buy the program. Some of the free trials limit what is available unless you purchase the full version.

5) Change the MB settings for memory speed You can jack up the speed at which your memory is accessed, although I do not recommend novices trying this. Doing this could burn out your memory.

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Q: How do you clean up your computer to get more MB?
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Would adding more memory to my 500 mb memory to 2 gigs speed up my sluggish computer?

It might help but there are oten more problems like adware that needs to be removed.

How do you check how much MB you have on the computer?

well you go on my computer then you see all the space left in all the discs e.g local disc c and then add all the disks space up and you get how much mb,gb is left on your computer

What is a sentence with megabyte?

Most programs used on your computer take up several megabytes of space on your hard drive.

Is 1572 KB more than 27.24 MB?

No a megabyte (mb) is a made up of 1000 kilobytes (kb) therefore 1572 kb is definetly not more than 27.24 megabytes (mb)

What does MB KB and GB means?

These are the units for measuring the digital information you will download or store on your phone/computer ect. Kb stands for kilobyte and just over 1000Kb make up one Mb. MB stands for megabyte and is made up of approximately 1000 bytes. About 1000 megabytes makes up one GB - as in gigabyte.

How do you measure the amount of RAM you have?

right-click on my computer from your desktop and then select properties then on the bottom of the page that pops up when you pick properties it should say ram and then a number my computer is slow so my ram is 128.mb most computers should have more ram if it is you canplace 2 more ram chips in your computer or just upgrade your ram

How many megabytes in a computer?

That depends on the computer. The typical run-of-the-mill computer on the store shelves today will have: 1 gigabyte of system RAM (1024 megabytes) 256 to 512 megabytes video RAM 250 to 500 gigabytes of hard disk space (256000 to 512000 megabytes) and a DVD-RW drive capable of writing up to 8.5 gigabytes per disc (8700 megabytes) And dont forget up to 12 megabytes cache built in to the cpu.

I am going to buy a laptop.What are the things i must understand?

You must understand what RAM is. RAM is random access memory, which means that the higher the RAM, the faster applications can be opened upon starting up the computer, and the faster the computer will start up. Plus, you must know what kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes are. 1 mb = 1000 kb 1 gb = 1000 mb

How much space does game maker 7 take up on my computer?

It takes about -- 9.83 MB (10,318,162 bytes) At least that's what my computer says.

About how much KB is downloaded when visiting the average website?

20 mb so about 2000kb to clean up PC go to programs accesories then disk clean up and it will empty unused files like temporary internet files and the same thing but choose disk defragment to compress files to make more room

What does MB mean for a cellphone?

For most computer-based devices, a byte is a single unit of computer memory or storage large enough to hold 1 single regular character. (In some languages such as Japanese Kanji, it can take 2 or more bytes for a single character.) Roughly a thousand such bytes make up a kilobyte (KB) and roughly a thousand kilobytes make a megabyte (MB.) (Because computes are based on powers of two, it's actually 1024 bytes for a kilobyte and 1024 kilobytes for a megabyte.)

1.75mb is equals to how much?

Each MB (megabyte) is usually taken as 1024 KB, each KB is 1024 bytes. So, a MB is a little more than a million characters (in the traditional ASCII character set - Unicode often takes up more space).Each MB (megabyte) is usually taken as 1024 KB, each KB is 1024 bytes. So, a MB is a little more than a million characters (in the traditional ASCII character set - Unicode often takes up more space).Each MB (megabyte) is usually taken as 1024 KB, each KB is 1024 bytes. So, a MB is a little more than a million characters (in the traditional ASCII character set - Unicode often takes up more space).Each MB (megabyte) is usually taken as 1024 KB, each KB is 1024 bytes. So, a MB is a little more than a million characters (in the traditional ASCII character set - Unicode often takes up more space).

Will Minecraft fit on your 1gb computer?

Yes. Minecraft barely takes up any space at all, only a few Megabytes in total.

How much room do Internet games take in a typical computer?

Different cames have different sizes. They can range from 10 MB to 130 or more. If you download games, make sure the site is safe to do so you will not pick up a virus.

How much megabytes does runescape use up whilst playing?

That depends on what Detail Level you use, low detail hardly takes up much where as high detail takes a little bit more memory to play, but either way this won't hardly effect your computer.

1.44 megabytes is equal to how many bytes?

There are technically 1,440,000 bytes that make up 1.44 megabytes. The floppy disk that used to be used to hold data for a computer was labeled as a 1.44 mb disk, although it actually held 1,474,560 bytes.

How many songs can a 942 mb hold?

One song usually takes up about 6 megabytes. This means that 942 mb can hold around 157 songs. This is on average, longer songs may take up more space, while shorter songs take up less.

Is 99.66 MB a large file size?

no not really, its just under a gigabyte which pretty much every computer thee days can handle no sweat, if ure downloading it from the net and you have limite bandwith, it will use up a chunk of that, and if ure on dial-up you be there for days downloading it lol, hope this has helped, im no computer geek but thought i cld help nath 99.66 MB is nowhere close to 1 GB. 1 GB = 1024 MB so he would have 924.34 MB left to reach 1 GB.

How do you know how much MB your computer has?

In most any version of Windows you can right-click on My Computer and choose Properties from the menu. This will bring up the System information and it is usually right there on the default screen on the right toward the bottom.

What controls the speed and processing of a computer?

the processor is a calculator, that's all, the more MHz it has the more levels it can open, the speed is controlled my your ram, the memory sticks you have installed, it start out in mega bates & goes up gig abates, a GB is 1024 MB & TB bates.

1024 MegaBytes make up 1 GigaByte?

Yeah, and for more conversions go to

Places where zip disks are used?

Wherever you need more storage up to 100 MB.. Normally in labs..

What system requirements do you need for a Java Sun download?

The system requirements for a Java Sun download on a Windows computer are, a version of Windows XP or later, 128 MB of RAM, Internet Explorer version 7.0 and up, Firefox version 3.6 and up, or Google Chrome, and 124 MB of disk space.

Can you purchase more memory for a Compaq Armada 7400 laptop?

The Compaq Armada supports up to 256 MB of SDRAM. If you have less than this amount (most models came with 64 MB to 128 MB), you can upgrade it.

How many megabytes in a word document?

The number of megabytes on a word document depends on how much text, pictures, or other objects are in the document. Images take up more space then the text.

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