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You are going to have to test it then shock it big time. You will probably need to use an algeside with cooper. Let it sit overnight then vaccumm to WASTE to remove all the alge.

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Q: How do you clear green pool water after the rain?
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What do you do if you have wash due to rain in your pool shell?

If it has put a lot of dust into the pool you can clear the water with a floculant available at nearly all pool shops.

Why does your pool water look green after a hard rain?

what has happened is the chlorine has weaken due to the hard rain to reverse this add two(2) to three (3) pounds of chlorine and wait several will see a improvment in the water other words the water will clear just takes a little time

What does rain water contain?

rain water contains: pollutants soil plant parts insect parts bacteria algae- Plants love Algea, that's why your pool is so green after it rains.

How do you remove excess rain water in inground pool?

To remove excess rain water in an inground pool, you likely want to get a filter. You can also install a drain at the very bottom of the pool, but this will need to be closed if there were water in the pool for swimming.

Why does your pool water turn cloudy after it rains?

because the rain water mixes with the chemicals in the pool

Why does your pool turn green 3 days after chemicals have been added?

water chemistry effects sanitizer level- adding water dilutes sanitizer level - rain dilutes plus puts enviromental pollution into the pool - your swim load affects sanitizer level - your water temperature (Warm) and the Sun can burn out the sanitizer level- was the filter running was the pool crystal clear what type of filter do you have? To many variables, take a pool water sample to your nearest dealer and discuss your problem with them so they can properly diagnose your pool

Where do wildcats get there water from?

Rain, pool, beach

What should you do to your pool after it rains?

Nothing in particular. The chlorine in the pool should take care of the rainwater in the pool. But, rain or no rain, be sure to keep checking your pool water for chlorine, acidity, alkalinity, etc.... in order to maintain safe and clean water. The sun does as much damage to pool water as rain. You MUST be didligent in checking the chemistry of your pool. Good luck!

What to do when it storming when you at an outdoors swimming pool and you are lifeguarding?

If it is just rain, you stay on your tower and guard the swimmers. If there is thunder & lightning, you clear the pool and wait 20 minutes from the last display of thunder & lightning before letting the swimmers back in the water. It is best if the swimmers are not standing on a wet pool deck while waiting for the all-clear to re-enter the pool.

Does rain water affect pool water?

No...just njoi the rains Swapna..

Is it true that you will have diarehea after you finish swimming in the pool of water a bit of rain water?


What is the effect of rain water in a pool?

PH goes down.

What causes Loss of salt in a salt water pool?

Backwash's, pool overflowing as a result of rain or overfilling, water being splashed over the side. swimmers taking out water on their body's as they get out of the pool and my dog drinking the pool water.

What is a small pool of water called?

A puddle is a very small pool, usually left by a rain storm.

How can i keep my pool closed for the summer season?

IF you have a cover over the pool area, just leave it on, after a rain storm or a few rain storms drain the water off the top of the pool cover.

If you shock your pool then it rain is that ok?

You might want to check your pH as the rain water may have an effect on it it.

Reasons why alkalinity lowers in the pool?

rain water has an alkali of 0

How does an inch of rain affect the water depth of a swimming pool?

It will make it one inch deeper assuming that rain water is only falling in it.

Does the green iguana live in the rain forest?

Green Iguanas usually live is rain forests, dry inlands, or by the water.

Is it safe to use rain run off from the roof to a pool?

If the water is properly cleaned and treated before swimming, it can be safe to use rain run-off in a pool.

A small body of water on the ground after it rains.?

It could be known as a puddle, or a pool of rain water.

How does rain affect the pH of pool water?

Well because rain is polluted water and the chlorine in the pool has a different pH level than the polluted water. Therefore, when it rains, the polluted water and the chlorine water combine and make a whole different solution or different pH level.

How does rain water dilute a salt water pool?

The more rainwater that is added means less salt water this results in diluting the pool. It also works vice versa!

What does rain do to the pH of a pool?

Rain if it is acidic can lower the pH of a swimming pool.

When do you put algaecide in your pool?

It does not matter if you have an above ground or in ground pool, just take the bottle and go around the pool spilling it in at the side of the pool,make a complete circle around the pool, that would be for maintaining an alage free pool after a rain storm. If your pools green then it is best to add the contents as recommended on the bottle.for the amount of alage control to the amount of gallons that your pool holds, I would add the perscribed amount the same way, just make sure you are running your filter if your water is green.