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Check to see if the alternator is working Connect a voltmeter to battery: Without engine running reading should be about 12.8 With engine running reading should be 13.8-14.2 If not bad alternator

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Battery warning light on chrysler 300?

It is important to pay attention to the warning lights on the dashboard. The Battery warning light turns on when there the battery of a car is having a problem.

How do you reset the battery warning light on a 1999 Ranger?

The battery warning light illuminates when the battery isn't being charged , get it checked out to find the problem and then repair.

Warning light Volvo s70?

There are several warning light on the instrument panel. There is a high water temperature light. There is a low battery charge light. There is a low oil warning light.

What is the warning light mean beside the battery warning light on a 1998 fiat brava?

The light next to the battery warning light is the fuel injection system warning light. If it comes on and goes off after a short while it should be ok but if it stays on for longer than 5-10 minutes then get it checked out.

Iveco warning lights?

The low air warning light is in indication the air compressor is not working or can't keep up with replenishing the air system. The red battery warning light is an indication the battery is not charging properly.

How do you reset the low tire warning light?

Reset the battery

Ford Freestar warning light?

The Ford Freestar several warning lights. The red water warning light indicates the cooling system is overheating. The red battery warning light indicates the charging system is malfunctioning.

How do you reset the airbag warning light on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

When a car is being inspected, it cannot have the airbag light on. The light can be reset by an OBDii scanner, that will clear the code causing the problem or by disconnecting the battery for 30+ minutes.

Where is the alternator warning indicator on 1999 cougar?

If your battery is not charging properly the charging system warning light ( located just to the right of the " F " on your fuel gauge ) will light up . It is the picture of a battery

Why is your battery warning light in your 2002 Honda civic on?

When the battery light is on. That means your charging system isn't working. You should have your system check. It will drain your battery.

Daihatsu charade mil warning light what is wrong?

The red water level warning light is an indication the cooling system is overheating. The red battery warning light is an indication the charging system is malfunctioning.

Was light produced when the battery was put off?

Very confusing question. I assume you mean what light comes on when the batteries is defective. If that is the case then the red battery warning or charging system warning light may come on. And then again the light may not come on at all. The light is there to warn you about a problem with the charging system and not necessarily with the battery.

What do the lights on the dash board mean?

Most of the light on the dashboard are Warning Lights; different warning lights that might flash up on the dashboard. Some of the more common warning lights are shown below. 1 = Oil pressure warning light 2 = Battery charge warning light 3 = Brake system warning light 4 = Engine warning light

How do you reset the battery warning on an 2007 equinox?

There is no reset for the battery (charging system) warning light. It is on because there is a problem. Once you repair the problem the light will go out. More than likely the alternator has failed.

Fiat punto with yellow warning light like battery what is it?

Unsurprisingly, it's indicative of a battery fault.

What does a low battery warning indicator light looks like?

Usually a lightning bolt or a picture of a battery

How do you clear the brake warning light on an Audi SQ5?

Don't ignore the light. It's telling you to have the brakes inspected.

Warning lights on 1994 punto 55?

The red water warning light is an indication your engine is overheating. The red battery warning light is an indication that the charging system is not working properly.

Why would the battery light on a 1997 mystique blink when it has anew battery and the altarnator is gving off 12 volts steadly?

This light is warning you that there may be a problem with your battery. Have it checked.

Does the warning light stay on when the timing belt needs changing on a 1996 Toyota landcruiser?

the warning lights comes on indicating that the timing belt needs to be changed. even once the timing belt is changed, the warning light will stay on until is it reset.

What does it mean when my Renault Laguna battery charge warning light comes on aswell as the stop light?

Your alternator is defective and not recharging the battery. Have the alternator checked.

Does 1999 mercury mystique have an alternator warning light?

There is a battery light above the engine temperature gauge

To switch off the service engine warning light?

unplug your car battery

Why does the battery charging system warning light come on?

The alternator switches off

How do you reset warning lights 95 Oldsmobile?

The check engine and other dash warning lights can be reset by disconnecting the vehicles battery for more then 5 minutes. If warning light continues after reconnecting battery then there is still a problem.