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You just pull it down...

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Q: How do you close a tanning bed?
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Do you close the lid in a tanning bed?

Yes...close the lid of the tanning bed to get the full effects of the tanning bulbs. Leaving the tanning bed open will not produce the desired effects. The tanning beds are designed to have the lid closed to tan your body evenly.

What could cause tanning bed not to come on?

A tanning bed might not come on when there is a nuke or when the tanning bed is broken. lol

What is the best way to clean a tanning bed?

Most tanning bed manufacturers offer a special cleaner to clean your tanning bed with. Spray it on, wipe down thoroughly, and make sure you get BOTH sides of the tanning bed.

Will tanning in a standup tanning bed harm the unborn baby?

No--tanning in a stand up bed is actually less harmful to a baby when you compare it to tanning in a lay down bed. Make sure to get a doctors consent before tanning in a bed while pregnant though.

Where can one purchase tanning bed parts?

Tanning bed parts can be found online quite easily. The following websites carry tanning beds and tanning bed parts: TANPARTS, Sunal Parts, Master Tanning, SUNCO Tanning, Amazon, and on eBay.

How can I safely use a tanning bed?

Getting a safe tan from a tanning bed may be somewhat of an oxymoron. However, if you are determined to use a tanning bed, limit your time in the tanning bed and ensure your salon follows FDA regulations.

What are the differences between a canopy tanning bed and a regular tanning bed?

Canopy tanning beds consist of a canopy with many UV lamps mounted onto it, it does not require you to lie down and be isolated like the regular tanning bed, with a canopy tanning bed you can be in any comfortable position.

Do you have to wear tanning lotion in a tanning bed?

You should wear tanning lotion when on a tanning bed because these lotions that you buy at the salon help you absorb the tan better.

Can you wire a tanning bed to a 110?

Yes if that is the voltage that the tanning bed is required to use.

Will redheads get freckles or a tan in a tanning bed?

Redheads can burn more easily, even in a tanning bed. Freckles can turn darker, whether using the sun or a tanning bed.

What happens if you forget to wear eye protection in a tanning bed?

If you forget to put on the goggles or the disposable circles, you can always close your eyes. I prefer to close my eyes because I don't want to have "Raccoon Eyes" when I come out of the tanning bed. Hopefully you're smart enough not to leave your eyes open. This is very harmful to your vision.

Is tanning outside as bad as it is in a tanning bed?

well tanning in a bed can sometimes made you have skin cancer or serious damage to the skin tanning outside is way more safer.

How can I find out when the tanning lamp in a tanning bed was replaced?

The only way to no for certain would be to locate the service records for th tanning bed.

Should you unplug a tanning bed when not in use?

yes , its advisable to unplug a tanning bed when not in use.

What is voltage for sun quest pro 24s tanning bed?

What is the voltage on a Wolff Sunquest 24s tanning bed

Can you get scabies from a tanning bed?

Yes you can get scabies from a tanning bed. Tanning beds are very dangerous and you can get many diseases from them. People shouldn't use tanning beds anymore. I know that I will never use a tanning bed, because I know the consequences of it. You can also get skin cancer and eye damage from it.

What kind of materials are used to make the bed portion of tanning beds?

Plexiglass is used to make the bed portoin of the tanning bed.

How much does it cost to purchase a basic residential tanning bed?

A tanning bed can cost anywhere from $1000-15000 depending on the size. Buying a tanning bed used is always a great option.

Which shop in Chicago rents tanning beds?

An individual cannot rent a tanning bed. This also applies in Chicago. However, you can purchase your own tanning bed from a store like Wolff System's Tanning Bed Supply Store. If you want to be supervised during your tanning party then I suggest you rent out a tanning room for you and your friends at a salon.

Where can you buy tanning bed goggles?

a tanning place

Should tanning bed lids touch your skin?

No they should not touch your skin, because if the lid is to close it can cause burning.

Where is a nuke located on a tanning bed?

Nowhere. A tanning bed uses UV lamps.

What age do you have to be to tan in a tanning bed?

You must be over the age of 18 to use a tanning bed in England.

If im really pale and you go to a tanning bed can you get tan?

yes but do low times on the tanning bed

Why do you have a extremely unbearable itch after tanning in a bed?

You may have an allergy to the sanitizer used to clean the tanning bed

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