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1.) MegaPixels (MP) The higher the MP, the better quality the shot 2.) storage type almost all the same, but if you already have a type (like compact flash) then it would be best to get another of the same type. 3.) zoom Optic zoom is better than digital zoom. Digital zoom on the high end can pixelate the picture (you see blocks in the photo) 4. speed - all digital cameras (except some SLRs) have alag time from when you press the button until the picture takes. The worst I have seen is 3 seconds, average about .5 seconds. Not much of a big deal until you are at your kids soccer game. 5. size of memory. How much can the camera hold (if anything) before you need to put a memory card (#2) in 6. cost of memory cards. If you don't already have some, check to see what additional cards cost. 7. battery type: All are battery hogs. Some use regular batteries, expensive over time, but can find anywhere. Some use special camera specific batteries - You need a backup. I like mine, but I would die without the backup. I recharge both at night when on vacation. try sites like or for reviews about specific cameras from third parties.

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Q: How do you compare digital cameras?
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You can compare prices of digital cameras at and type in digital cameras.

Where can I compare Kodac digital cameras? allows you to compare all the kodak cameras that they offer. You can also go directly to the kodak website and compare their cameras.

Where can I compare digital cameras?

A good place to compare digital cameras is on CNET. Here you can compare by price range, manufacturers, zoom range and other important factors or features that you may want to consider in a digital camera.

What is the best information to compare digital cameras?

You will want to compare digital cameras on how many megapixels it is, the optical zoom, the lenses, the clarity, ease of use, what it is best used for, and the price.

Where can one compare digital compact cameras?

One can compare digital compact cameras at the Best Buy website, at Cnet, at a site called Adorama, at SnapSort, or at Amazon. Additionally, one could walk into an electronics store and physically compare and contrast.

Where can you find comparisions of Canon EOS digital cameras?

One can find comparisons of Canon EOS digital cameras online. Some of the useful websites for comparison of Canon EOS digital cameras are Social Compare, Balance Dart and Pop Photo.

Compare Digital Cameras with Cell Phone Cameras?

The best website for comparing commercial products is This website will help you to compare the megapixels and read user reviews.

Where can I get reliable reviews for affordable digital cameras? has a very good set of reviews for digital cameras. You can compare different makes and models while giving you editor ratings to guide you.

Shop for Digital Cameras?

there are many sites where you can buy digital cameras just search some of them on yahoo or google Even you can search many prices comparison sites were they compare prices for different cameras and gives you choices.

Can I find help to pick a digital camera?

The best brands for digital cameras are, Nikon and canon. They are best known for their cameras. the picture quality is always good. If you want you can compare cameras in sites like or

Where can one view a chart of the best cameras?

If you are looking for a chart with the best cameras, PCWorld has exactly what you need. They compare prices, performance and specific features of all of the digital cameras on the market.

Are all digital cameras colored digital cameras?

All modern digital cameras are colored digital cameras, although many do have a feature that allows you to take black and white pictures instead, if that is what you are looking for.

What is a CCTV camera and how does it compare to other camera types?

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit television and CCTV cameras are mainly used for security surveillance. CCTV cameras can be either video cameras or digital still cameras. The video cameras are usually used for video surveillance of houses or business places. The digital still cameras are used for traffic surveillance.

Does Walmart sell easyshare digital cameras today?

Walmart has an extensive digital department. They have a lot of digital cameras. Easyshare digital is one of the cameras that walmart sells.

Discounted Digital Cameras?

Discounted digital cameras are digital cameras that have been reduced in price in order to sell. Discounted digital cameras can be found at many retailers and usually include older models of digital cameras or digital cameras that are overstocked. Sometimes refurbished digital cameras are also highly discounted and usually have been restored to their original condition. Purchasing a discounted digital camera can allow you to purchase a high quality camera at a very low price.

How much do GE digital cameras cost?

GE digital cameras are kind of new digital cameras on the market. They are pretty cheap cameras, and they're pretty good quality cameras. GE digital cameras usually cost between 80 and 300 dollars, depends on the store.

Website to compare digital camera features?

Yes, you can go to the following website to compare digital cameras that are currently on the market: They can greatly help you find a camera.

Is Canon the best camera make for wildlife photography?

Yes, Canon products are one of the most well trusted products on the market for digital cameras. If you want to compare these digital cameras for yourself, I would visit CNET.

Are there places where they rent out digital cameras,and where? rents digital cameras for weddings, Cvs also offers disposable digital cameras that you return to the store.

How are digital cameras different from traditional cameras?

traditional cameras usually run on film while digital cameras don't need film at all

Who can help me compare and buy a good digital camera?

There are so many digital cameras out there it can be hard to know which one to buy. I came across a website called when I was purchasing my last digital camera and I found it to be very helpful. They give you detailed reviews and give you the opportunity to shop and compare the lowest prices. BizRate also is another place that let's you compare the lowest prices and you can buy cameras directly from the site.

Customer reviews for the best digital underwater cameras can be found where?

Underwater Photography Guide is a great place to compare different underwater cameras. Their website provides articles and reviews on a number of different underwater cameras.

What types of digital cameras does Sony make?

Sony has four main types of digital cameras that it creates. These four categories of digital cameras are the Sony Cyber-shot series (point and click), Alpha NEX cameras, Alpha DSLR cameras, and video cameras and camcorders.

What companies make kids digital cameras?

There are many companies that make kids digital cameras. Some of the best kids digital cameras are KidiZoom Plus, KidiZoom, Dora Talking Digital Camera and Crayola Kids Digital Camera.

Did the first digital cameras high or low resolution?

yes when the first came out but now compare to today they are low resolution