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i dont know if you can do a reverse cell phone look up. Try to look at his cell phone bill. If he is having an affair he knows how to get around you not seeing his cell phone bill. I know because I pay my cell phone bill online and my hubby never sees who Im talking too. And I have been talking to a lost love for 3 years now. We talk everyday on my way home from work. Good luck.

Wow! You sound like you keep your man very happy, then why the hell are you still with him? That is wrong and women like you make me sick as hell... But to answer the questions, yes you can do reverse lookups, scroll down and click the link that says Reverse Mobile. That should help you discover the info your looking for.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-15 01:34:17
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Q: How do you complete a reverse cell phone look up because you suspect you have a cheating husband and cannot sign up for an investigative website?
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