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Be calm, state the evidence that you have, and be prepared for the possiblity of him projecting or throwing counter accusations at you. It doesn't matter how you found out--his own actions have given you the evidence of his behavior. If he starts throwing insults or is unwilling to admit what's occurred, leave. What's more important is the decision you've made about your relationship and whether to end it or not. At least you have been shown his true colors *before* any marriage, rather than finding out the truth after you've been married or had children with him.

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What is a synonym for eavesdropping?

snooping, spying, prying, invading some ones privacy

How do you confront a boyfriend after snooping around in his bedroom computer and cell phone?

If you have actual evidence of him cheating, you have no reason to feel bad about snooping. To make a habit of snooping into someone's privacy without any grounds for suspicion is wrong; however, if someone is acting in a manner that indicates 'red flags' of cheating, it's normal for a partner to snoop to see if their suspicions are founded or not. But it's in your best interest to time your confrontation to your advantage, not his. Until you confront him, don't ask him questions or let on that you suspect him of cheating. Decide what your next step is. Then lay the evidence out on the table and go from there. He will either deny, turn accusations back on you (of insecurity, snooping, etc.) or downplay the evidence (claiming it was a joke, they're just friends, they flirted but never had sex, etc.) Be prepared. Either you break up with him or work on the relationship (but only if he wants to and does end the affair, totally blocks all contact with the other person and realizes that any further contact with this person or any other affairs would be a dealbreaker for you.) Do what you feel is best for you, not for him.

Is there Another phrase for invasion of privacy?

Snooping. Unwarranted intrusion of your personal business.

How do you use invading some one privacy in a sentence?

Unknowingly, Bob was invading someone's privacy by hacking into their central networking system.

What are the abuses of technology?

* invading bank accounts * invading privacy * creating sophisticated and powerful weapons/bombs

What is invade privacy mean?

To invade one's privacy means that you are snooping into one's business when they don't want you to, and if someone doesn't want you to see something of theirs, and you do anyway.

If a woman is cheating should she be confronted while she is with the other man or when she is at home?

I don't think you should confront her when she is with the man - I think you should confront her when she is at home and there is privacy and calmness. If you confront her when she is with him, emotions could highly escalate and cause something bad to happen. She's a big girl and knows she has control over her cheating so don't bother to bring the male counter-part into the matter. Confront her on home turf. If this is not your mate, but a friend I would keep right out of it. If it means destroying your friendship with her then please do so. She knows what she is doing is wrong. If you are the mate then leave! If you confront them together they cannot deny it.

Is spying an invansion of privacy towards your husband?

Spying is an invasion of privacy .. going through peoples things is a bit rude, ask yourself.. is snooping worth losing your husbands trust?

Can your boss randomly check your pockets at work?

No, that's invading your privacy.

How do you view my boyfriend cell phone incoming calls or out calls?

well it is wrong because you are invading his privacy and that destroys the trust that he has with you. unless you are certain that he is cheating or something like that, just try to view his cell phone when hes not around.

How do you confront a boyfriend after he has been snooping?

* The best way to handle this is communication and honesty. Be pleasant, but tell him you don't appreciate him snooping through anything private of yours and it's not because you are hiding anything, but you have a right to your privacy just as he does and you aren't married to him. Make it plain and simple so he gets the message loud and clear. This could be indication that he doesn't trust you (through perhaps no fault of your own) and could be a red flag that he has trust issues no matter what girl he is going steady with.

Can you charge someone if they post something you sent them without your permission?

Of course, you can that is invading your privacy.

Would you consider it to be invasion of privacy when a neighbor has taken pictures of you on your property without your knowledge?

yes that is invading your privacy if they are taking pictures of you in your own property.

My girlfriend's dad is recording our conversations with out us knowing is this illegal?

Yes, this is definitely illegal.As her father is invading your privacy and to invade privacy is a criminal offence.

Is it illegal to open interoffice mail not addressed to you?

Yes it is. It is invading someones privacy, vandalism, and stealing.

What are the consequences of invading someone's privacy?

You get put away for 3 years ( or bang bang if you kno what i mean)

Is it okay to look at your sister naked?

No. You are invading her privacy and that is very close to incestuous. Does she know your watching? is she ok with it?

Is it illegal to read someone's texts?

Yes it is. It is invading somebody's privacy on their phone.

Can you be arrested for looking up skirts?

Yes that is invading privacy wait till you get married to see private things

What do you do if you find hidden cameras in your apartment?

You could call the police, a lawyer, a private eye and find out who is invading your privacy.

Is Google invading your privacy?

Admittedly, their browser collects more information on you than the CIA, but I wouldn't be too concerned about it.

What is invading privacy mean?

Invading privacy is when you intentionally try to spy on some one. Private matters are not allowed to be investigated only an individual has the right to reveal his private life. Also, it is illegal to tell a third party personal information about another person If it would cause embarrassment or emotional distress. For more specific information check out the privacy laws link in the related links below.

How do you check his text messages?

you don't...that's the same as reading someones mail...probably not illegal, but you shouldn't do it..its a huge invasion of privacy, how would you feel if he started doing that crap to you you shouldn't be reading someone elses messages. if you are in a relationship you should have trust for each other so respect his privacy as im sure he does yours if you susspect cheating the confront him and if he wont talk about it then do it while he is sleeping or in the shower

What do you do when you see text messages in your boyfriend phone from another girl what does that mean?

Ask him, and while your'e at it, explain why you are invading his privacy.

Will mindless behavior cheating on girl?

i think that they wouldnt. plus they are famouse they wouldnt have any privacy anyway.