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You let him go or you keep him and tell him that "I want you to like me and not anyone else. Like boyfriend and girlfriend like".

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Q: How do you confront a guy that you like if he likes someone who likes him back?
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How do you know If someone likes you when you like them but they never look at you or talk to you?

In that case, you would just have to confront the person you think who likes you.

If someone likes you?

Depends if you like them back. if you do like them then go out !!

How do you know that someone you like likes you back?

well, if they like you.

What do you do if you like a guy and dont think he likes you back?

then there is no use in liking him like someone who likes you

What do you do if you like someone and he seems like he likes you back?

Ask him to go out with you

What do you do when you like someone but they will never like you back?

You should find someone who likes you for you and if they don't then they are not good enough for you.

What should you do if someone gives you a gift on Valentine's Day and you don't like him?

say thank you and be happy that someone likes you and that you have a gift but then confront them and say sorry i'm not into you nicely

What you do when you like someone but they tell you who they like?

you hook up the girl that he likes with the boy that she likes or you an just kill her if she likes him back BY DARK SOUL

If your friend likes someone and that someone likes you and you like him back what do you do But the guy that you and your friend like has a crush on your mom what do you do?

Punt. Someone is a bit perverted here. Find new friends.

You like someone but he likes someone else but gives me the imperesion he likes me back?

Guys are jerks. My advice- dont fall for their crap/

How do you tell a boy the truth that he really likes me or like someone else?

Leave him alone and back off. He likes someone else.

What do you do if the guy you like doesn't like you back?

get over him and look for someone else that likes you to and get with him

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