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If your Home Theater receiver has an optical audio input, plug it from the output of the TV to the input of the receiver.

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Q: How do you connect a digital optical audio cable from a tv to a home theater?
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Can digital audio output connect to digital optical audio input?

A coaxial digital output (usually an RCA jack) can connect to a digital optical input using a coaxial to optical digital converter. This is a small box that goes in between the two products.

How do you connect a LG LHB335 home theater system to a cable box's digital audio out?

The LG LHB335 only has an optical digital inputs. If your cable box has an optical digital output, connect it to the Digital in #1 (TV) with an optical cable. If your cable box only has a coaxial (RCA) digital output and you want to use the digital audio connection, you will need to purchase a coaxial to optical digital converter. The Monoprice 2947 is less than $20.00.

Is there a cord that can connect a tv with optical audio to a receiver that doesn't have optical audio?

You can get an optical to coxial converter box if your receiver has a coaxial digital input. If it doesn't, you will have to purchase an optical digital to analog (D to A) converter.

What do you need to connect your xbox to your tv through your LHT854 home theater system?

An optical cable is used to connect the audio out of the Xbox to the LHT854.

Connect the Bose 123 system to LG tv?

go buy an optical digital audio cable

What is more common term for digital optical audio cable?

More common terms for digital optical audio cable; optical audio cable, cable, digital optical, but the shortest and most well-known term is "cable".

How do you connect Panasonic home theater to cable box?

Connect the audio output of the cable box to the input of the home theater system. If both systems have digital connectors, use them.

How can you connect the surround sound port of led TV to a 5.1 home theatre system?

If your TV has a digital audio output, connect it to the optical or coaxial digital input of the surround receiver. This will pass through the digital audio signal sent from a HDMI input at the TV.

What is a optical audio cable used for?

An optical audio cable is used to transmit digital audio (AC-3) signal from the source to the receiver, such as from a DVD player to a digital audio amplifier/receiver. You can transmit 5.1 dolby digital or DTS surround sound with an optical audio cable, same as digital coaxial audio cable.

Where do you plug a rca phono into a 40 inch Samsung D5000 tv?

If you want an audio output from the TV to connect to a home theater receiver or other amplifier, you will have to use the optical digital audio output or Audio Return Channel through the HDMI connectors. Those are the only outputs on this TV.

How do you output sound from a Phillips lcd tv 42pfl5432d 37 to a Bose Cinemate series ii system?

If your TV has a digital out, connect this optical output to the optical digital input on the Bose. If your TV doesn't have a digital out, you can connect the analog audio out (red and white) to an analog input on the Bose.

How do you connect sharp aquos 60 LC-60LE600U tv to samsung crystal surround Airtrack speakers?

Connect the digital audio output of the TV to the optical input of the sound bar with the included optical cable.