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How do you connect a single phase motor to a three phase power supply in UK?

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for countries in Europe and other world areas running a 50 Hz supply service. UK household AC power mains voltage is now 230V (previously it was 240V) 50 Hz. From a 415 volt 3-phase incoming supply you will get this voltage between any ONE line and the Neutral.

Between any two lines you will get 415V. DO NOT WIRE IT LIKE THIS!

So, if you wire the motor to any ONE line (and ONLY ONE) and Neutral you'll get the correct voltage.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.





My advice would be to buy a proper transformer which can be connected to a 415V 3ph input and give 230V 1ph output at a current rating suitable for the motor and its purpose. I assume the questioner's installation is in a commercial premises because domestic supplies in the UK are 230V 1ph only - running a 3ph motor off that requires a suitable inverter.

2016-03-18 00:34:55
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Q: How do you connect a single phase motor to a three phase power supply in UK?
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How do you reverse a 3 phase motor to single phase?

If you are asking whether you can connect a three-phase motor to a single-phase system, then the answer is no.

Is 3 phase motor run on 1 phase supply?

No. That would be a single phase motor.

How do you start a three phase motor to a single phase power supply?

You don't. A three phase motor will not start unless it is connected to a three phase supply.

What is a static converter?

A static converter allows a single phase supply to operate a three phase motor. Basically it converts the single phase supply into enough energy to power the three phase motor.

How do you wire a three phase motor with two speed to a single phase power supply?

A three phase motor requires a three phase power supply. You can not run a three phase motor on a single phase power supply unless you provide some kind of converter, such as a motor-generator set or an inverter. You might be able to get the motor to rotate on single phase, if you provide starting torque somehow, but you will not get rated power in that configuration.

How do you convert or rewire a 5HP 3 phase motor to two phase motor diagram?

I assume that by two-phase, you really are talking about a supply with two hot wires and a neutral, such as 120/240 volt. This is single phase power, it just has power taps on both ends of the transformer winding, the neutral is the center tap. I don't think it is possible to convert or rewire your motor. A large 3 phase motor must be run on a 3 phase electrical supply. It will not run and will overheat if you try to connect it to a single phase supply. The only way to make a 3 phase supply from a single phase supply is to use a converter like a motor-generator set. That would be way more expensive than getting a new motor.

How do you connect 3 phase motor to single phase power?

Use VFD to make 3 phase from single phase source.

What happen if connect 3 phase supply to single phase motor?

I'm not sure how you would even accomplish this. On a single phase motor you will have the wire for connecting power to the motor, and a return neutral (along with several other wires for other things). If you connect two phases together you create a short and you'll blow the upstream fuse/breaker.

Which A motor is to be operated from 230 V 50 HZ single phase AC?

All types of motor can be run from a single-phase supply provided the frequency, voltage and power capacity of the supply matches that of the motor and it has been designed to run on single-phase.

Can you connect a 3 phase motor to a 1 phase supply?

No. You need a three phase supply to run a three phase motor. If you only have a one phase supply, you could use an inverter or a motor-generator set, but by the time you did that, it would have been more cost effective to simply get a one phase motor, or (in the bigger case) upgrade to a three phase supply.

You have one hp three phase motor where as available power supply is only single phase how can you run this motor?

You will need to install a phase converter or change the motor to single phase. You can find a licensed electrician at

How do you use a one phase motor in place of a three phase motor?

To use a single/one phase motor instead of a three phase motor is possible if you have a three phase power supply as you will only need to tap one of the three phases together with neutral and an earthwire, however to use a three phase motor instead of a single phase will require the provision of three phase power supply.

Can you run a three phase motor with single phase generator with help of phase converter?

Terminology gets misapplied but a 3-phase converter produces a 3 phase supply from a single phase supply. The only proviso is that generator, converter and motor are all suitably rated and compatible.

How can you run a 200 volt 3 phase motor on 230 volts single phase?

You can not run a three phase motor on single phase Source. You can use a VFD (variable frequency drive) or a rotary phase converter to supply your three phase motor from a single phase source. For large motors it can be expensive.

Can i run single phase dc motor from 3phase bldc controller. i m using single phase motor in motorcycle and controller from other electric vehicle. if yes please tell me how to connect it?

It is possible to run a DC motor on a 3-phase supply using a full-wave rectifier if the voltage is right.

How do you connect elcb in single phase supply?

very easy connect the live or phase to the marked on terminal and neutral which is necessary to the marked neutral

How do you wire a 3 HP 3 phase motor with single phase?

Simply you don't. To make a single phase supply into a 3 phase supply is going to be expensive. The old way was with a roto-phase unit. Google definition. The latest way is with a VFD (Variable speed drive). Connect the input side of the VFD to single phase voltage and receive three phase voltage on the output side. The last installation I did like this, the VFD cost about $1000. As you can see its cheaper to go out and buy a new single phase motor.

Why doesn't a shunt motor operate on a single phase AC supply?

Shunt motors do operate on single phase AC. There are millions, if not billions of them worldwide running right now.Make certain your voltage supply is correct for your motor. Also, make certain you're providing the proper amperage. Make sure it's not a three phase motor. (three phase motors won't operate on single phase power.) If your supply voltage and amp supply is correct and the motor still doesn't run, you've got a bad motor.

Why you use only single phase induction motor not other?

You would use a single-phase induction motor if the available electric power supply is a single-phase one. That applies to the average house or small business.

How can you connect 415v three phase welding machine to a 230v single phase supply?

This can not be done. A single phase supply of 230 volts can be used from a 415 volt three phase wye system but not the other way around

What is the difference between a one phase and a three phase motor. And if a three phase motor is given a single phase supply will it run or not?

The difference between a single phase and a three phase motor is the amount of power conductors that feed the device. As to the other part of the question a three phase motor will not start or run on single phase. The phase angles on three phase are 120 degrees apart on a single phase system they are 180 degrees apart.

What will happen if dc supply given to a single phase ac motor?

The supply will likely short out and fail.

How do you convert or rewire a 20HP 3 phase motor to single phase motor?

The winding design of the motor will not economically allow this to work. You would have to drive a 3 phase generator to supply it.

What are the disadvantages of a two phase AC motor over a three phase and single phase AC motor?

The main drawback is that two-phase systems are archaic, and you are unlikely to find one with which to supply a two-phase motor.

Can a single phase supply be used in a three phase supply?

A three phase supply can provide three single-phase outputs.