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How do you connect an USB to an wii?


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There is a slot in the back in the shape of the USB port on a computer. Just insert the USB into that slot.

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There is a port in the back of the wii.

No. The Wii only supports certain USB Ethernet adapters. However, if you purchase a wireless router, you can easily connect to the internet that way.

If it is a USB port charger - plug it into the back of your Wii (which should have a USB slot) or plug it into any other USB port such as a laptop & games console!

Get I USB Wifi Connection or a wireless router

There is no Wii joypad. It's either fake or third party. Try using the USB slots on the back of the wii.

Your Wii cannot connect to the internet with your Wi-Fi USB connector.

you go online to wal mart .com and purchase a net connect usb network adaptor and follow the wii prompts..if you are using a land line.

Your best bet is to buy an HDTV (if you haven't already) and then buy an HDMI cable, and also a component cable hookup for you in able to connect your Wii using the HDMI cable. Otherwise, USB cable won't do.

save it to a memory card and insert the memory card to the front of the console or connect the Wii to your computer with the USB cord

You need either a wireless router or USB connector(Which has been discontinued) and connect to it through the Wii settings option in the Wii bubble in the home screen.

Yes, both can connect to it, in the same way as multiple devices could connect to a wireless router.

well you have two ways to update it one is you can connect the modem to the wii but first you need the wii lan adapter to connect it only the modem or you can use a computer and connect it to the wii and you need a usb cable either both it works verry well i tried the modem only it works exellent

No, you cannot use a USB for the Wii.

Wii connect does not work because the creators of the wii shut down wii connect 24 when they created the wii u

Yes, it is possible to physically connect a USB Flash drive to the Wii using one of the two USB ports in the back. However, no official applications support a USB Flash drive currently. The Homebrew Channel, an unofficial softmod, is able to load homebrew applications from a Flash drive, and most homebrew now supports writing to it as well.

by connecting with via usb PS3 can not connect to the internet with a USB modem

Usb loader GX is a channel or application in wii which allows you to download wii games and play them!. Your wii has to be softmodded for that.

You require: - A broadband internet connection - A computer running Windows XP and the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Adapter OR - A wired router, the Nintendo LAN Adapter, and an ethernet cable to connect the Wii to the router OR - A wireless router Refer to Nintendo's guide for setting up your Wii to connect to the Internet at the link below.

No it can not. The Nintendo wifi usb adapter sends a signal that only Nintendo products meant to connect to wifi (such as the DS and the Wii) can pick up. Xbox and other products of that nature can not pick up on the wireless signal sent out by the usb adapter.

well, your wii should already have wireless, if you have a dongle that can fit in the non wireless thing then yes but not alot of dongles can fit into that there is no USB hole in the wii

Wii connect 24 is a feature on every wii console. Go into the wii system settings under the Internet category and enable wii connect 24. Enabling wii connect 24 however will increase the power consumption of the wii when it is not in use.

The USB ports on the back of the Wii are for connecting accessories such as WiiSpeak or a keyboard.

No. The only USB ports are in the back of the Wii console

you can most likely do this but not with the usb lead you connect wirelessly

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