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How do you control dreams?

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Answer : Most people say you cant comrol your dreams but you actually can you can write the dream down on a peice of paper but make it full detail....Put the paper under your pellow and then when you go to sleep you're dream is mostly likely for you to have it trust me ive did it!!!!!

Sometimes, you can in a way. If you go to sleep thinking about a movie or thinking about something really scary or sad, you will more than likely have a nightmare that night or the next. Then again have your parents ever told you to think about something happy when you disturb their sleep at midnight because you had a bad dream? Not every one can control their dreams. I know that sometimes, if you try hard, you can dream about one thing, like a girl I know watched Twlight 5 times, and said she went to bed thinking about it. Of course, she dreamt she got marrried to Edward. Sorry, Stephanie :( Not gonna happen! lol.


This is a type of dream called Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is when, like you said it, control your own dreams. Like the first answer, that is one way to do it, but another way is when you tell yourself (While you're in a dream!) that you know you're dreaming. This is hard because most people are carried away in their dream and they don't know that they are doing it. This will take time and practice but trust me, soon you will be able to control your own dreams easily. Out of nowhere, when I was 8 years old, I started Lucid Dreaming, but I really didn't know what I was doing. I just thought of something and, poof! There it is, right in my dream. When you finally get the hang of Lucid Dreaming, it turns out to be really fun, but sometimes it doesn't go the way you expect.

Hope I helped!

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Can you control your dreams or they control us?

yes you can control your dreams if you think about it before you fall asleep

When was Dreams Beyond Control created?

Dreams Beyond Control was created on 1993-09-14.

Can you control your dreams if you can control your life?

If you can be in complete control of your dreams this is known as lucid dreaming, many people can do it but it is something that is self taught.

Can a psychic control someones dreams?

No, a psychic does not have the power to control someone else's dreams. Dreams, just like thoughts, exist only within your own mind, that is inside your brain. No one can control your thoughts or dreams by magic.

How do Satan be in your dreams?

It is not real. a person's sub-conscious control dreams.

Why can't I kill someone in my dream?

We cannot control our dreams, and therefore have no control over whether or not we can 'kill' someone in our dreams.

How can you control your dream?

We couldn't be able to control dreams, if you do, you will wake up then...

Why have you always been able to control your dreams?

Most people have no control of dreams, of those that can it could mean your have very strong forceful personality, or you are a control freak, take your pick...

Can you control the outcome of your dreams?

Generally, no, it is not possible to control the outcome of one's dreams. Dreams are produced by the subconscious mind which is not particularly responsive to conscious desires. Some individuals learn to control some dreams through "lucid dreaming." However, there is much nonsense on the Internet about lucid dreaming, which is not as easy as rumors claim it to be.

In the The Giver who did Jonas dream about?

He dreams of Fiona, in his dream he dreams of Fiona being naked. His mom tells him that the dreams are called stirings.... Jonas has to start taking pills to control his stirings to control the wanting...

What do you do if you are having dreams about a girl at night How can you stop them?

You cannot control your dreams, if it becomes intolerable you could try hypnosis.

Does methadone make you have bad dreams?

No it is not the case. It makes you sleep but does not control you dreams. It does not have any side effects like that.

What are steps to control sperm during sleeping?

You cant control dreams & you can't control the night time emissions ( wet dreams) they will eventually go away when you start having real sex on a regular basis.. enjoy them!

What are the release dates for Essentials - 2013 How to Control Your Dreams 1-9?

Essentials - 2013 How to Control Your Dreams 1-9 was released on: USA: 20 May 2013

Can people control the content of their dreams?

Yes people can only in good dreams but not neceserally all the time. I hope this helped you

Why can't you control your dreams?

you can control the start of your dreams but where they go when you sleep is another thing. we all dream but not alot of people actually remember their dreams until something brings it back that happens in real life. Your dreams are about your brain giving you hints on what is in the future or just your brain amusing itself depends who you talk to.

Why do you have nightmares about your boyfriend cheating on you?

You have nightmares about that randomly. You cannot control your dreams. All you can do is control your real life.

Is it against Christianity to have a sex dream as a girl?

No, and you can't control your dreams - they just happen. Religion plays NO part in sex dreams.

Can you control your astral projection dreams more?

It's possible but I can't....

Is it ok to have a dream were you make out?

Yes. We can't really control our dreams.

How can you control your dreams?

As soon as you become aware that you are dreaming you can start controlling the dream. All you have to do is imagine different situations or people you want to see. However, you wont be able to control everything, your subconsious will just have to share with you. The biggest problem is trying not to wake up as soon as you realize youre dreaming though.Dreams are products of the subconscious mind, whereas the intention to control rises from the conscious, waking mind. Consequently, it is not only difficult to exert "control" over dreams, but any dreams that become "lucid" or consciously controlled, are no longer authentic dreams but something more like imaginings or daydreams.

How to control your dreams?

Controlling dreams is neither natural nor easy. Dreams are produced by the unconscious mind while the conscious (aware) mind rests in sleep. The desire to control dreams is an expression of the conscious mind; the unconscious mind is not particularly responsive to what the conscious mind thinks it should do. Moreover, forcing the conscious mind to actively interfere with dreams deprives the mind of the necessary rest of natural sleep.

How can you master your dreams?

You yourself can not master your own dreams, although even if we could you probably wouldn't be able to remember it. Our minds control how and when we dream.

People can control the content of their dreams?

No not really. I'm sure you've seen that on TV. Ive had awful nightmare that I never controlled 2 have. Who knows? Mayb ther is some1 out ther who can. Can u control your dreams?

Is there a machine that can control your dreams?

No, there is no machine that can control your dreams. Such devices are science fiction. If you are thinking about the film "Inception," follow the link below for more comments. You control your dreams by what you think about when you go to sleep. If you stress your brain into thinking about a boy you like or even your favorite color you will dream about something like kissing that boy or being trapped in a purple room for 8 years.