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Medications like Loprox and Luxiq help quickly, but are quite expensive. Look for generic versions.

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Q: How do you control seborrea dermatitis around the temples?
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What is stasis dermatitis?

Stasis dermatitis is characterized by scaly, greasy looking skin on the lower legs and around the ankles. Stasis dermatitis is most apt to affect the inner side of the calf.

What is perioral dermatitis?

It's a skin condition around the lips

What are some treatments for perioral dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is a type of skin rash with occurrences around ones mouth. Various ointments such as eyrthromycin and other creams without steroids can be used to for treatment.

What is a spot that has a white circle around it?

If the spot is red with a white circle around it, it could be dermatitis. Dermatitis could be cased from a number of small actions such as changing shampoo, to changing a body wash. Best action to take is probably taking something like Benadryl or Claritin.

Where can one find a list of LDS Temples?

There are many LDS temples around the world. As of March 2013, the church has 139 temples in operation. Lists of temples can be found on the organization's official website as well as on other related websites such as Deseret News.

What is dermatitis?

Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin. There are several types, with the key symptom to look out for being a pink/red rash. * contact dermatitis: when an irritant causes an allergic reaction. More prevalent in adults than children, and the condition centres more often than not around the groin and outer extremities (eg. fingers and toes) * atopic dermatitis: more commonly referred to as eczema in infants. Usually found on the face and on the backs of the knees. Symptoms characterised by dry, itchy, crusty skin. * nummular dermatitis: affects people above the age of 55, predominantly around the limbs and buttocks. [source:, see related link below]

What are the smaller buildings around the pyramids?

they are temples to charrish the pharoah

Did the ancient Greeks worship in temples?

Yes. Some of them are still around.

Symptoms That Indicate Dermatitis?

Dermatitis refers to a skin condition that can result in visible and sometimes painful rashes. The term dermatitis is used to generically refer to a set of different skin problems. The exact causes of the different forms of dermatitis are not all fully understood. It is also important to understand that dermatitis indicates a specific skin condition that is different from dry skin or other problems that can be caused by environmental factors or poor hygiene. Most of the treatments for the symptoms of dermatitis are topical creams. A few cases might require the use of anti-inflammatory medications or other prescription drugs. Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common forms of dermatitis. This condition is also known as eczema and it affects a significant number of people around the world. The symptoms are red rashes, red bumps and flaky skin. These areas can all become itchy and can potentially start to bleed if an individual compulsively scratches the area. Atopic dermatitis can be caused by a genetic disposition to the condition. It can also be triggered by allergens or environmental factors such as dust. Atopic dermatitis can form at any time and in any location on the body. Contact dermatitis results from direct skin contact with a substance that causes irritation or an allergic reaction. Very minor cases can result in a rash or some itching. Serious reactions can cause blisters, scales and oozing sores. The most severe cases of contact dermatitis can result in unbearable pain and other reactions in the body that require immediate medical attention. Contact dermatitis is not permanent and can usually be cured by removing the irritant from the environment. Stasis dermatitis most often occurs on the legs and feet. The symptoms of stasis dermatitis include red or purple patches of skin, blisters and sometimes open sores. These lesions usually appear on the lower legs below the knee and can form on the top of the feet around the ankles. The condition is associated with poor blood circulation or obstructions in the veins of the legs. Stasis dermatitis can be treated with topical creams or with leg compression therapy.

What has the author Kanaiyalal Vakil written?

Kanaiyalal Vakil has written: 'Rock-cut temples around Bombay' -- subject(s): Sculpture, Temples, Antiquities

When did the Greeks build the temples?

The Greeks begin to build temples back in the early 7th century BC, with the transition stone architecture around 600BC.They built temples to most of their gods. We build churches. Same thing.

What skin infection is it which is like Impetigo but without blisters pus or scabs and has just redness around the mouth?

A skin infection similar to impetigo but that only presents with redness around the mouth is perioral dermatitis.

How many steps did the Aztecs temples have?

there were approximately around 100 steps on the Aztec temples that the human sacrifices were made to climb before they were killed

What are the architectural similarities between Hindu and earlier Greek temples?

The ceremonies took place around the temple.

What are the tiny bumps that come up on your hands and fingers don't hurt unless apply pressure like trying to open a jar or bottle seems to last about a week?

You could have an allergy to something around the home, or something outside your home that could cause your skin to have an inflammation.There is also a possibility that it could be a type of dermatitis such as Eczema Dermatitis (Eczema,) also known as Atopic Dermatitis. I highly recommend that you see your doctor.

What are the common symptoms of dermatitis?

You will often have patches of skin that are red and appear to look like a rash. Sometimes the patches of skin will itch or form blisters around the patch.

Pimples around your waist?

That sounds like contact dermatitis, but you really can't tell over the internet, you know. You might should go to your doctor and get a diagnosis and treatment.

What was the place of worship for ancient Mesopotamia?

The ancient Mesoppotamian's Places Of worship were large temples in the center of the city for the god's to live in. and there were smaller more common temples all around the city for the people to make/give offerings.

How many temples did the aztecs have?

While the actual amount is uncertain, around 500 have been discovered so far.

Did the homes in ancient Greece surround the temple?

No the homes were far from the temples mostly service buildings are what around the temple

What year did people start to built churches?

Churches first started being built during the Roman Empire when Christianity was the "big thing" Temples were around before Jesus' time. Temples were the places of worship before churches.

What can cause the skin to peel from around the scrotum and inner thigh?

Dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, and yeasts infections can cause the skin to peel in the areas of the scrotum and inner thigh.

Where were some of the large Jewish temples located around mediterranean in 200 bce?

There was only one Jewish Temple and it was in Jerusalem.

What to do when a girl has control while playing around with her boyfriend?

make her lose control

When did Rome win control of the Mediterranean?

1999 around there they gained full control