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How do you convert pdf to dwg?


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Method 1: Add PDF OLE

  • Click "Insert" on toolbar of AutoCAD and choose "OLE Object…"
  • Select "Create New" and from the list of object type choose "Adobe Acrobat Document"
  • From the file selection dialogue box, find your PDF and open it in AutoCAD to insert as OLE

Method 2: Raster image XREF

To add a raster image XREF, you need to get the image of the PDF file. If it is a raster PDF, things will be much easier and you just need to copy the whole raster image from the PDF and copy it into Windows Paint. Save the image and use it. If it is not a raster PDF and all the lines in the PDF file are vector lines, you can find ways to convert the whole drawing into images. For example, use your "Print Screen" button on keyboard.

  • When you get the image of the PDF page, click "Insert" on toolbar of AutoCAD and choose "Raster Image Reference…"
  • Find the image file and load it into AutoCAD
  • Specify the settings and it is now referenced

Method 3: PDF XREF in AutoCAD 2010

For users who are using AutoCAD 2010, they can directly add PDF XREF.

  • Click "Insert" on toolbar of AutoCAD and choose "PDF Reference…"
  • Locate the PDF and add it into AutoCAD
  • Specify the settings and it is now referenced

* Method 4: Import PDF into AutoCAD

To import PDF into AutoCAD, you need a 3rd party importer or converter. Please refer to the recommended links blow.

In general, there are three major categories that should be addressed in the following order:

  1. AutoCAD plugin

    This is an application which relies on AutoCAD ARXObject and users need to install a full version of AutoCAD. It is because AutoCAD LT is not featured with ARX Object Enabler. AutoDWG PDFin is recommended.

  2. PDF to DWG converter

    There are five key features of PDF to DWG Converter: (1) conver PDF to DWG (2) convert any parts of PDF files. (3) High quality and accurate (4) two versions: AutoCAD add-in version & Stand alone version (5) easy to use

  3. Raster PDF to DWG converter (raster to vector)

    Converters which converts raster PDF into editable DWG uses various of technologies to get raster into vector. Normally a converter traces lines in the PDF and draw lines into DWG. Output quality of DWG/DXF from raster to vector depends on the quality of the original PDF for resolution, page size, clearance, color depth, etc. AutoDWG converter is recommended.