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the comex prices are in pounds and the lme prices are in tonne so u divide the lme price by 2240 to get the comex price

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Q: How do you convert the copper prices in COMEX to the LME?
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What is the price of scrap copper in Michican?

Michigan Scrap Copper prices for JUNE 2011 are: No. 1 Copper$3.20 No. 2 Copper$3.10 No. 3 Copper$3.00 Ins #1 Copper$2.20 prices above will vary as copper fluctuates with LME and Comex pricing of copper.

How much is copper per pounds?

Copper prices are based upon the LME, Comex and spot market prices which are readily published each day. Copper scrap prices are also baed upon these markets but pay less due to grade of copper and market maker commissions. Currently, for clean copper scrap, recycling yards are paying $3.90+ per pound

What is Lme price copper ore?

London Metal Exchange Copper ore prices

What is price of scrap copper in Indiana?

As of June 2011 here are some general scrap copper prices: #1 Copper $3.15/lb #2 Copper $3.00/lb #1 Insulated Copper $1.90/lb #2 Insulated Copper $0.90/lb copper prices do fluctuate on a daily basis with the COMEX, LME and economic supply/demand so check prices often to ensure you are getting properly paid at the scrap yard.

Current copper scrap metal prices?

Clean copper scrap is worth at least $3.00 per pound. It may be possible to get prices near $3.50 per pound in some areas. For more information, check out the How To in the related links. Copper scrap metal ranges from heavy buss bar and heavy clean cable (stripped large copper cable called bare brite) to computer wire and thin gauge copper wire with insulation. There is also copper piping and copper buss bar scrap copper. All command different prices at the local scrap yard. Prices are subject to change based upon supply and demand, Comex and LME prices. Check prices often to obtain the current and most competitive scrap copper prices.

What is the price per pound of scrap copper wire in St. Louis MO?

Current prices of scrap metal prices for copper vary depending on grade (bare brite, #1, #2 etc.). No.1 heavy scrap copper is around $3.25 per lb whereas No.1 Bare Brite copper wire is around $3.33 per lb. (as of May 31, 2008) Updates Mid June 2011 - current copper prices are based upon Comex, LME and spot market prices which in turn are based on economic conditions. Of all the scrap metals, copper is one of the metal that recently is seeing significant fluctuations. Post of a price here would be obsolete within 24hrs. Best suggestion is to check various online sources then call your local scrap yard and compae what the yard is offering versus comex pricing to make sure you obtain best pricing. As far as copper wire, always strip the insulation off the copper cable or wire to get the highest scrap copper prices.

What is the current price per pound for copper scrap in California?

The current price of scrap copper depends on the grade (bare brite, stripped cable, #1, #2, buss bar, etc.) as well as the quantity you have and your location in the world. Specific to CA, the current price of heavy scrap copper is around $1.55 and #2 scrap copper is around $1.36. These prices do fluctuate on a daily basis. Since prices are based upon the LME and Comex markets any prices that would be posted in the "current" timeframe would be obsolete by the nexy day or in next hour. As such, scrappers and recyclers should check online data sources and websites for daily scrap copper prices to ensure proper pricing of their scrap metals.

What is the price for scrap copper?

For April 4 2012 here are some general scrap copper prices that will vary across regions #1 Bare Bright Wire $3.40 /lb. #1 Copper Tubing/Flashing $3.15 /lb. #2 Copper Tubing/Wire (Tin Coat) $2.90 /lb. #3 Roofing Copper $2.75 /lb. Brass $1.80 /lb. Ins. Copper Wire (Cat 5/6) $1.10 /lb. prices for scrap copper above are in USD per pound. Copper prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Check internet resources/websites for additional and daily prices. The price of scrap copper varies based on the comex and LME prices as well as general supply and demand. Note: scrap copper may be priced differently in different countries such as Shanghai China. Scrap copper prices also vary based on grade. Clean buss bar and stripped copper cable has more value then copper wire insulated

What is the scrap copper price in California?

The price of scrap copper varies on a daily basis depending upon LME and spot market prices and general economcs. There are also many different grades of scrap copper. As of early April 2012 here are some scrap copper prices in the California USA area: (prices are in USD per pound) Copper Bright - 1/16 inch thick or more, bright and clean$3.39Copper #1 - Solid copper with no brass or corrosion$3.25Copper #2 - Copper with some brass or corrosion$3.11 check internet for daily / current scrap prices.

What is the scrap metal worth?

Scrap metal value depends on what type of metal your dealing with. Copper is more then steel on a per ton basis and there are exotic metals like inconel, carbide, monels, titaniums that are worth a significant amount of money per pound. Prices for metals vary per the LME, Comex, and world markets so each days prices can be and typically are diferent. Check on the internet for sites that offer daily scrap metal price updates and charts to make sure you are getting the best prices. Also check with your local scrap yards.

What is the ticker symbol for copper futures?

HG is the ticker. LP is the ticker in LME.

What is the current price of copper scrap?

Copper scrap metal has seen significant fluctuations in 2011. Copper scrap moves with COME and LME copper prices. Depending on your location in the world expect anywhere between $3.25 - $3.75 per pound of scrap copper. Price also depends on the grade of the scrap copper. ALways make sure you scrap copper has the insulation stripped and is kept free of debris or garbage.

Gold price LME?

LME is the the London Metal Exchange. This is like the stock market where at the end of day there is a set price on various metals (copper, aluminum, gold)

Price of copper per kilogram?

It's about 10 USD per kg on the LME as of February 2011. That's about £6.30 per kg. For scrap prices, your looking at up to £5 per kg depending on the grade.

What is MJP on LME?

Main Japan Port, based on qtl pulished Main Japan Port prices

How do you calculate the price of copper ore from set LME price?

Price /Quality: LME based as in the contract. LME CASH x % Cu x FACTOR% ( Paying Rate) x (1-H2O) = Price USD/DMT CFR ..... +28,00% : LME(Cash buyer) X Cu% ....% Factor X (1-moisture)/ DMT 25-27,99% : LME(Cash buyer) X Cu% ...% Factor X (1-moisture)/ DMT 23-24,99% : LME(Cash buyer) X Cu% .....% Factor X (1-moisture)/ DMT

Who will give you daily scrap metal recycling prices?

I collect scrap metals and bring to scrap recycling yards. How can I be sure I'm getting the best price for my efforts? Where do you find the current prices that tha scrap yards are getting for their scrap? There are many pay for and free sources of current scrap metal prices. Most scrap metal prices are based upon Comex and LME pricing less a percentage. If you call the scrap yard or recycling yard, ask them for their current prices and they will gladly provide. Just know what type of scrap metal you have so they can give you the prper pricing.

How are scrap metal prices determined?

Scrap Metal Prices are determined by the scrap yard you sell to. They will want to make as much money as possible. In a highly competitive areas, metals will be bought for closer to "spot" price, aka the price determined by the commodities market. If your scrap yard is looking to make a bigger profit from their purchase from you, then they will buy things for as cheap as possible. The above is part of the answer but scrap metal prices are determined based upon Comex, LME and general economic supply and demand principles. Scrap yards will take this into account and then offer sellers a discounted price. Make sure you find a scrap yard that is paying close to these indices. Also, the cleaner and more prepared/sorted your scrap metal is will also determine price. For example clean copper will fetch a higher price then copper with insulation or general debris.

How do you convert price of cu per t to cu per lb?

divide by 2204.62262 (ie current LME Apr Cu $/t is 7760.3 and $/lb is 3.5200)

What is the professional abbreviation for Esthetician?


What does LME stand for?

London Metal Exchange

What do the initials LME stand for?

LME stands for the London Metal exchange which is the world center for the metal trading industry. The London Metal market and exchange was founded in 1877!

How much do aluminum cost?

Some stock exchange aluminum prices:LME Aluminum - ca. 0.95 - 1.00 USD/LBSHFE Aluminum - ca. 1.15 - 1.20 USD/LBLME - London Metal ExchangeSHFE - Shanghai Futures Exchange

How much does copper cost per oz?

Current LME prices (London Metal Exchange) as of January 2011 ar around 4.3-4.4 USD per pound. That works out to be around 27 US cents per oz. Current UK scrap prices are around £4000-5000 per tonne. With an exchange of 1.6 USD to the UK pound, that works out to be around 6400 - 8000 USD per tonne scrap price. Around 18 - 23 US cents per oz.

What is GFMS base metal index?

GFMS base metal index is an index based on the official LME cash settlement price for primary aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc. The index is an average of the six prices with equal weighting given to each of the six metals. The index is based on January 4th 2000 = 100. Reference is given at the related link section.