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How do you convince your mom that you are ready to date?

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2011-09-13 00:49:15

First how old are you? Second you have to show her that you are

responsible enough emotional stable to go into a relationship,

because it is a known fact that the first few young relationships

someone has, can advance faster then any parent would like. The

thing that is going through your mothers head is your safety,

emotional stability, and she possibly does not want to be a

grandmother anytime soon. Just don't make a big deal about it and

she wont either. *

Okay my mom is a counselor and is really really strict, so you

have to wait if you want to date an older guy, you have to be

patient, be nice, whenever you do a good thing, and they say want

ice cream or some money, say no thanks... do that for a while. Ear

trust. and ask them when the time is right, say a group of my

friends... do you think i can brng.... if they say no, don't act

upon it, act normal and try again another day, like a week


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