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How do you convince your parents to let you get your lip pierced even though you are 14?

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This is what i did!!

Well this is what I did. I got a job, stopped with my attitude, and told them I would pay for it!!! And it worked. Now I have the kind of parents that won't let me have a phone in my room, and I am 18!!!!


yes but what if your parents wont let you get a job, your pocket money is a fiver a week and you are thirteen so you cant get it done yourself, then what can i do??
i really want it done, but as the reasons say above, i cant!
what can i do??


Well it's hurry up and wait, till you are old enough or your parents start seeing a responsible side to you, you have no choice but to wait. Piercing is a serious issue that can't be taken lightly by you or your parents. Learn more about what you want to have done, the aftercare, the cost the risks and then sit down and talk to them. But you need to be ready to here the word NO and then follow that with, "what do you want me to do in order to get you to consider it?". Listen and learn then do what it takes to get it done correctly according to your parent's wishes. It isn't difficult you just need to approach it differently.

2009-11-23 07:50:40
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Q: How do you convince your parents to let you get your lip pierced even though you are 14?
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