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How do you convince your parents to let your see your ex whom they forced you to break up with if you're 16 and he's 19?


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October 21, 2005 5:22AM

If you act immature around your parents by pouting, screaming, not speaking to them, etc., then you'll be treated as a person who doesn't know what they want in life. Take it slow and easy, and quietly sit down with your parents and ask if they would consider having your boyfriend over for dinner. Hopefully this guy doesn't have rings hanging off every orifice of his body or tattoos down to his toe nails. I have nothing against either, but it scares the hell out of parents. Even if you have to grit your teeth, be nice to your parents and ask them to at least meet him so they can get to know him. Here's a good comment, "Mom, dad, you've always taught me not to judge people too quickly!" What can they say? They at least have to meet you half way. They might just surprise you and agree. If you fight constantly with your parents over this guy they'll just dig in their heels. Try reasoning with them. Don't try the old "conning mom in a corner of the house or dad" but sit down with both of them and explain in a mature way, you'd really like them to get to know him. At 16 I am sure you are like any of us that were once 16 and figure you know what you want and are rushing into growing up too fast. It's normal. You have to understand that your parents see you as 16 years old, love you so much, and just want you to have a good whack at the world by getting a good education, having the choices you are so lucky to have and they don't want a guy 3 years older than you ruining your chances. They will worry about you getting pregnant and by the way ... you can't promise them that this won't happen because other than the birth control pill or the patch, there is nothing else on the market that is 100% effective. There is also HIV, AIDS, etc., out there to consider too. If you manage to get your boyfriend over for dinner and they like him to some degree, then you are going to have to start being very mature. There is no way they are going to allow you to go out on school nights with this guy, and they may even have strict rules about where you are going with him on a Saturday night and even have a curfew in tact for you. Don't say one word about it, and consider yourself lucky you may get to see him and prove to them you are mature. If you follow their rules and don't come home too late or sneak out to meet him and you can keep your grades up in school, they may just ease up on you. Good luck Marcy