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Convincing Parents to HomeschoolI would start by locating some information on homeschooling. See if your area has any homeschooling organizations that your Mom could ask questions to.

Do a search for homeschool high schools. There are many accredited high schools that offer regular high school diplomas to homeschooled children. They also offer classes, online and through distance learning. Your mom or dad would simply have to supervise you and provide structured time for you to complete the assignments sent by the school.

  • Go online or to your local library and research information on homeschooling for your parents to read. Although, the ultimate decision will be left up to your parents.

As a homeschooled student, I know it as a fact that parents don't have to have a Ph.D to homeschool. My mom, who is a single mom, homeschools my sister and me *and* has two jobs, is absolutely horrible at math, science, and English; yet I maintain an A in all my subjects but algebra, in which I maintain a satisfactory C. (-:

The best time to ask for complicated changes in schooling from parents is when you have set an appointment with them. Sit quitely with both of them when they are rested and calm at the appointed time. Then, ask them to be home schooled giving your various reasons. Be sure to listen carefully to their concerns and to reply respectfully. Try to understand their point of views and they will be more respectful of yours.

Well, I'm in the process of trying to get homeschooled as a freshman right now. This site really is helping as I read it because I hate my school right now. I'm actually trying to make a PowerPoint on why I should be home schooled and from reading all these other topics, it really does make me feel like I have a shot.

I've just got the problem that my parents are divorced, and my mom says yes, she's behind me 100%, but my dad is just saying no.

i homeschooled till third grade, and now I'm a freshmen and I've hated school the whole time I've been in the system.

That's so akward, my parents are also divorced. I homeschooled in the third through forth grade until they got divorced -- I returned to my great private school, then this year (9th grade) I got through the first semester at my public school alright, but... the system sucks. :|

I haven't proposed my opinion to my dad (although it will be my mom's decision in the end), and I have to work on an actual curriculum/financial "scenario" in order to convince her.

Just tell them that it's easier because you don't have to pay for a bunch of school supplies and such. Also say it'll be safer for you at home than going to a school. If there are bullies in your school, you could avoid them by being at home instead. It always helps to tell your parents that they're smarter than your teachers, easier to talk to, and other nice things. Not exactly to "butter them up", but to make it more obvious how much you want to be home schooled.

You show them all the benefits of homeschooling, and prove to them that you've actually done research on it. Also, don't be afraid to show them any of the cons to homeschooling because they will come up eventually, and to pretend they don't exist won't help your case. With that, you can tell them how you plan to overcome those cons and show how the pros to homeschooling greatly outweigh any of the factual or fictional negativity it has garnered over time.

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Q: How do you convince your parents you should be homeschooled?
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