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The only way to cook an egg properly is to use a heat source. You can use a paper to start the fire, like when camping, but it wont cook an egg by itself.

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How does an egg boil?

If it is in boiling water the egg will cook, but the egg will cook before the water in the egg boils.

How do you cook a egg in room temperature?

You cannot cook an egg at room temperature.

How do you cook a freid egg on a open fire?

it needs a pan what ever you cook an egg on

Is it safe to cook egg in a microwave?

You can cook an egg in the microwave if you break the yolk and mix it good. You may want to cover it with a paper towel in case it splatters, and it's good to stop the microwave and stir at least once while it's cooking.

Can you cook a fertilized chicken egg?

no you can not cook a fertile egg, well unless you want to cook a unborn bird. if a egg is laid fertile than the inner part of the egg will be completely reformed from the normal egg you know and love to eat.

What can you cook in harvest moon boy and girl?

Boiled egg Steps: You need 1 egg How can you cook the boiled egg: You can go to the hot spring and drop your egg or you can cook it if you have a kitchen you can use a pot and add some salt and put your egg in.

How do you cook egg plant?

To determine how you want to cook egg plant, you need to know what you want the egg plant to taste and feel like, but there are many fabulous recipes for egg plant that tell you how to cook it.

Can you cook an egg between two cell phones?

No the microwaves emited are not concentrated enough to cook an egg.

How do you cook an egg in Sims 2 Castaway for Wii?

build a firepit, click cook, click egg

Can you cook a egg with a phone?


Can an egg cook on a counter?


Can you cook an egg using only the sun?

Theoretically, yes. However it doesn't get hot enough to cook the egg.

How can you drop a egg safely to the ground with paper and tape?

Wrap the egg in as many layers of paper that you have, and secure the paper with the tape. The paper should (if there's enough layers) prevent the egg from cracking.

Does an egg cook faster when there is more hot water?

Yes, the boiling water gives a maximum heat to cook the egg.

When frying in egg covering the skillet will it cause the upper surface of the egg to cook?

True. Covering the pan will trap the hot steam in the pan causing it to cook the top of the egg. Also, if you have oil in the pan, the hot oil will pop up on the egg and help cook it.

Do egg whites cook faster then egg yolk?

Yes, but not by much.

How long do you cook a goose egg weighing 150 grams to hard boil?

I have an egg that weighs approximately 6 ounces and would like to hard boil, how long do I cook this egg?

How do you make a tasty egg white omelette?

cook a egg for 6 seconds

HOW will you eat a hard boil egg if you are not allowed to break the egg shell?

I Will Cook The Boil Egg And I Will Eat

What makes an egg cook faster or slower?

because egg is more tem. than egg yolk

What does eggshell mean?

Eggshell is the part of the egg that you peel off of the egg when you are going to eat or cook the egg.

What can you do to an egg to tell if it is raw or hard cook?

You can spin it. If it wobbles it is raw. If not, it is hard-boiled. You can spin the egg on a counter top. If the egg spens fast then its hard cook, but if the egg spins slow it's still raw.

How do you cook Garden egg stew?

you don't

What Do you Do With A Chicken Egg?

You cook it up and eat it.

How do you get a boiled egg really hard?

You cook it. An egg can get hard boiled within 8 minutes cooking time. An egg will only get to the hard boiled stage. Boiling it longer will not cook it harder.

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