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How do you copy Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

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you might be able to if u have a Action replay with the code u can find out in the internet

2010-01-28 06:21:30
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Can you copy Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon Battle Revolution?

No, you can only copy them to Pokemon Diamond, not Pokemon Battle Revolution. But, if you want to, then send them from Diamond to Battle Revolution!

How do you get tedursa in Pokemon diamond?

A copy of Pokemon Emerald is required to get Teddiursa in Pokemon Diamond. By having a copy of Pokemon Emerald in the GBA slot of the DS Teddiursa will start to appear in Route 211 and Acuity Lakefront.

How do you copy Pokemon you diamond?

you can only copy Pokemon if you have action replay or i think gameshark. but you can copy pookemon only for a double battle if you have a ditto.

Can you get arcticuno on Pokemon ranch?

You can, but you need a copy of Pokemon diamond, pearl, Platinum.

Pokemon Diamond where to get ho-oh?

You can't get a Ho-oh in Pokemon Diamond.To get Ho-Oh in pokemon Diamond you have to trade with a copy of Pokemon Heart GoldORIf you have a ds or ds lite(not a 3ds or a dsi) and a copy of Pokemon Gold(that has Ho-Oh captured in it) you can transfer it from that!Hope I Helped!(\_/)(='.'=)(")_(")

In Pal Park in Pokemon Diamond do you actually take the Pokemon or a copy?

You actually take the Pokemon.

GBA game and Pokemon Diamond?

You can transfer 6 Pokemon a day from FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald to your copy of Pokemon Diamond. Pokemon! Yeah!

Is there any way to copy an item in Pokemon Diamond?

no there is not sorry

Can you copy Pokemons from Pokemon Battle Revolution to Pokemon Diamond?

I'll put it simple. NO.

Is there a way to get all Pokemon on battle revolution?

yes,copy Pokemon from diamond or pearl.

Can you transfer your Pokemon diamond computer save data to a copy of it?

you cant!!

Will Pokemon soulsliver version be able to copy to Pokemon Battle Revolution?

I know you can them them to diamond/pearl/platinum but not to battle revolution :( But there is a way round this... You have to trade your Pokemon to diamond/pearl/platinum then you can copy to revolution :) And if you want you can trade back to soulsilver :)

How do you get Pokemon in battle revolution?

you can get rental passes from certain colloseums but you can't get wild Pokemon or anything like that unless you copy your Pokemon from diamond/pearl on it, and if you do copy them make ure you don't delete you diamond/pearl game or you won't be able to copy any more to that file on battle revolution.

Transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond to platinum?

Do you mean trade from Diamond to Platinum?? If so, you need two ds's and a copy of each, sorry bad answer.

How To Copy Pokemon In Diamond?

you cant. i have tried to so i hope that you have Pokemon gold or silver for gameboy color.

Does anyone know how to copy Pokemon for diamond?

no........maby.........noooooo! no........maby.........noooooo!

Could you use your us imported copy of Pokemon diamond with an eu copy of Pokemon Battle Revolution on your eu wii?

Not US Imported games, I belive.

Where to get murcrow in platinum?

MurKrow cannot be found in Pokemon Platinum. To get MurKrow you need to trade with a copy of Pokemon Diamond. In Pokemon Diamond MurKrow appears in Eterna Forest and the Lost tower at nighttime.

How do you get manphay in diamond?

Manaphy is obtainable in Pokemon Diamond if you also have a copy of Pokemon Ranger. The game Pokemon Ranger is able to communicate with Pokemon versions; Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver to transfer a Manaphy Egg to them. This Egg can be hatched like any other Pokemon Egg.

How do you get a infernape Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Copy your team with infernape in it from Diamond Pearl or Platinum

How can you get new Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution if you dont have a Pokemon Pearl game?

well have you tryed Pokemon diamond? you need to ether copy a friend's Pokemon or you can't.

How do you transfer Pokemon in battle revolution?

If you have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you get on Battle Revolution, and click on Storage. Then click Copy Pokemon. Turn on your DS with Diamond or Pearl in it, and on the main menu, click on Connect to Wii.

How do you get Shayman in pokemon platnuim?

You can only get Shamin from a copy of Pokemon diamond or pearl through a special event then you must trade .

Where do you find TM07 in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond TM07 can be found on Route 217. You can also trade 10 Green Shards to an NPC on Route 212 for a copy of TM 07.

How do you get another master ball on Pokemon Diamond?

What you do is own another copy of Pokemon diamond, Platinum or Pearl or the GBA series. Then when you get the master ball, let a Pokemon hold it. Trade it to the requested Pokemon series. Then you have a master ball again! Yoshi62100