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take it to a key cutter

you should be able to buy new key from Volvo by using the vin number of your vehicle


If it is a true laser cut key you will need to order it from Volvo. These can't be cut by a local hardware store key machine.

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Q: How do you copy a Volvo tractor truck key that has that laser cut down the center of the key?
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Which fuse is for the air condition on a 2005 Volvo truck tractor?

That will be a series of relays, not a fuse.

Where can you find the vin plate for a 2005 Volvo tractor truck?

The 2005 Volvo truck vehicle identification number plate can be found on the dashboard. The identification plate will be on the drivers side of the dashboard.

How much does a Volvo Model 780 truck tractor weigh?

16,000 - 18,000, depending on specifics.

What is an inner bridge permit?

"Inner-Bridge" refers to the following: For the Interstate Highway System, inner-bridge legal weight limits are established. There is a weight limit for the truck tractor portion of the truck tractor/semi-trailer combination and a weight limit for the latter part of the combination. The extreme axle distances for each of the two portions are both designated as inner-bridge limits. The inner-bridge for the truck tractor portion is the distance from the center of the steering axle to the center of the last truck tractor axle. The inner-bridge for the latter portion is the distance from the center of the rear axle of the tractor or the center of the first axle of the rear axle group of the tractor to the center of the last axle of the trailer.

What is the average mileage for a Volvo tractor trailer truck?

Four to nine MPG, depending on a number of factors. It's pretty much the same with any tractor trailer.

How much does a 2001 Volvo Truck tractor weight model vn vnm?

14,000 - 18,000 lbs., depending on specifics.

What is the gross weight of a 2005 Volvo truck tractor?

No way to answer without knowing the model, axle weight ratings, and wheelbase.

Does Volvo still manufacture tractors?

Yes, they do, if you're referring to tractors in the context as they're applied to tractor-trailer truck combinations. Volvo Cars and Volvo A.B. (the truck manufacturer) are no longer affiliated with each other, by the way. Volvo Cars was sold to Ford Motor Corporation, who I believe later sold it to Tata Motors.

Is a dump truck a truck tractor?

Any vehicle towing a trailer or other vehicle is, in essence, a tractor. If the dump truck is towing another vehicle (trailer, etc.), then it is a truck tractor. If it isn't, then it's just a straight truck.

Where does the thermostat goes on a 1999 Volvo tractor truck?

Need to know what engine you have. While Volvo engines were pretty much exclusive for the market outside of North America, in 1999, Volvo trucks could be had with a Volvo, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, or Caterpillar engine in the North American market.

What is a truck-tractor?

It's used to refer to the power unit of a semi-articulated tractor-trailer. In reality, any truck pulling a trailer could be considered a truck tractor.

How do you increase the speed on a Volvo truck?

If it's your truck do this with, and you're in a country where it's legal to do so, then you go to a service center with the software which corresponds to your engine (in N. America, Volvo trucks are currently available with Cummins or Volvo engines... Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel were also available in the past), and have them adjust the settings. If it's not your truck to do it with, you don't.

How do i get a loan on my lien free tractor truck to purchase to 2 more?

with bad credit, i want to purchase another tractor truck, what financial institutions would put a lien on my tractor truck

What is truck tractor chassis?

The chassis of a semi truck.

How do you operate a 9 speeds Volvo tractor trailer?

You go to a truck driving school and learn how to drive a truck. If you "know" how to drive a truck, just imagine you're driving a 10 speed, but you skip over what would be 6th gear in a 10 speed.

What are truck pulls?

it is when a truck or tractor pulls a sled at a fair

Where can you find serpentine belt diagram for 2005 Volvo vnl 670 semi tractor?

There should be a sticker near the belt which has a routing diagram on it. Barring that, we'd need to know if the truck has the Cummins ISX, Volvo VE D12, or Volvo VE D16 engine in order to provide you this information.

Where is the light control module on a Volvo truck?

On most models it is mounted in the center of the dash under the main fuse panel which is located under where the cb sets. At least that is where it is in my truck.

Who owns Volvo heavy truck and engines?

Volvo A.B. and its shareholders.

Which truck will go faster a pickup truck or a tractor trailer truck?

Depends on how they're geared.

What is a good sentence for the word tractor?

The semi truck is also known as a tractor trailer

What is the phone number of the Schaff Truck And Tractor Museum in Frankfort Illinois?

The phone number of the Schaff Truck And Tractor Museum is: 815-464-7395.

Is the Volvo truck manfacturer a chinese company?

Volvo is a Swedish company not Chinese

Who invented the articulated truck?


How do you disable speed limiter on a 2005 fh12 series Volvo truck truck?

You need the Volvo software to do this. It's programmed into the engine ECM.