How do you copy songs from a CD onto an MP3 player?

Connect your MP3 player to your ctr. Click on my computer to see what drive your MP3 player is using. In my case it comes up as Removable Disc (E:) Insert the CD you wish to copy into your ctr disc drive. Open Windows Media Player (Start/Programs/Widows Media Player.) Right click on Rip at the centre of the top tool bar. Scroll down to format and check MP3.Then below Format look at bit rate. You can check from 128 Kbps up to 320 Kbps for best quality, but this will use more memory in your MP3 player. I find 128 gives a decent quality. Back in the rip menu scroll down to More Options. An options box opens. On the Rip Music tab look at the 'Rip Music to this Location. If it does not show the location where your MP3 is, is my case Disc E, then click Change. Then browse to Removable Disk E, or whatever port your MP3 is connected to, highlight it and click OK. Click Apply and Ok on the Options tab. Back on the Rip Menu, click top item which should be the title of the Cd you are copying. You can uncheck any tracks you are not fond of and away you go. You will see the progress of each track as it copies (Rips) over to your MP3. Go and make a cup of tea and then its all done. If you wish, you can now re-open My Computer, click on your MP3 drive and see the CD you have just copied residing there, complete with track titles etc.


get i tunes it automaticly copys CD mp3s when you stick the CD in


I'm just the person ur lookin for! First if you have something with a library(ex. media player)which is on windows xp, you put in a CD the click on media player and go to your library then on the side it'll have a playlist at the heading, click the down arrow on that and go to synchronize list,then drag your songs to the synchronize list, then plug your USB cord to the computer, then click synchronize list, then your computer will transfer the songs to your MP3 player!

Rip the song from your CD.

No you are lucky to have ME. First you have to put your VD in your computer or laptop. Then you RIP ur CD and put it in a file. then you synchronize itt. Plug in your USB and then you transfer it

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