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Connect your MP3 player to your ctr. Click on my computer to see what drive your MP3 player is using. In my case it comes up as Removable Disc (E:) Insert the CD you wish to copy into your ctr disc drive. Open Windows Media Player (Start/Programs/Widows Media Player.) Right click on Rip at the centre of the top tool bar. Scroll down to format and check MP3.Then below Format look at bit rate. You can check from 128 Kbps up to 320 Kbps for best quality, but this will use more memory in your MP3 player. I find 128 gives a decent quality. Back in the rip menu scroll down to More Options. An options box opens. On the Rip Music tab look at the 'Rip Music to this Location. If it does not show the location where your MP3 is, is my case Disc E, then click Change. Then browse to Removable Disk E, or whatever port your MP3 is connected to, highlight it and click OK. Click Apply and Ok on the Options tab. Back on the Rip Menu, click top item which should be the title of the Cd you are copying. You can uncheck any tracks you are not fond of and away you go. You will see the progress of each track as it copies (Rips) over to your MP3. Go and make a cup of tea and then its all done. If you wish, you can now re-open My Computer, click on your MP3 drive and see the CD you have just copied residing there, complete with track titles etc.


get i tunes it automaticly copys CD mp3s when you stick the CD in


I'm just the person ur lookin for! First if you have something with a library(ex. media player)which is on windows xp, you put in a CD the click on media player and go to your library then on the side it'll have a playlist at the heading, click the down arrow on that and go to synchronize list,then drag your songs to the synchronize list, then plug your USB cord to the computer, then click synchronize list, then your computer will transfer the songs to your MP3 player!

Rip the song from your CD.

No you are lucky to have ME. First you have to put your VD in your computer or laptop. Then you RIP ur CD and put it in a file. then you synchronize itt. Plug in your USB and then you transfer it

All that I can say is if your time is precious and you work all day like I do they do and don't have hours to spend converting your CD collection ... I would suggest could not have done better myself and at the rate that I would convert them I would be paying less then minimum wage. Seriously .88 cents usd a CD you cant go wrong and it is relatively quick service as well! I know some may say I'm lazy I think the opposite I value my time cause I work too much...

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Q: How do you copy songs from a CD onto an MP3 player?
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Related questions

How do you put song into MP3 Player?

Plug it into your computer and copy the songs onto it.

How do you transfer a track from media library into a MP3 Player?

MP3 players connect to the computer with a USB, firewire, or whatever cable came with the player. Software also usually comes with the player, or you can use Windows Media player as long as the MP3 player is a recognized device in Windows. In most software packages, it's a drag and drop thing to get the tracks onto the player. Connect your MP3 to the computer. Then load up Media Player and go onto "Copy onto CD or Device". Your MP3 should come up as one of the devices. Then select the songs you want and click Copy Music. EASY!!!!!

How do you get songs onto an mp3 player?

it depends if you have Windows Media Player on your PC

Can you download songs from itunes onto an Mp3 player?


How do you put songs on an MP3 player?

IF it is an MP3 player you copy and paste it into the folder. If it is an iPod you have to sync music using iTunes.

What is the memory important for in the mp3 player?

The memory holds all the songs and whatever else you downoad onto the mp3 player

How do you put a folder of songs on MP3 player?

Connect your mp3 to your computer and than just copy that folder to your mp3 device.

How do you transfer music from MP3 player to computer but still keep it on MP3 player?

you can copy but not cut the songs, then you can have them both on your mp3 player and your computer. my mp3 player can store more than 500 songs and it is quite nice look. i bought it on, really cool.

How do you put songs on your mp3 player by using LimeWire?

You'll need to find another program or you can go into your documents and copy paste the songs into your Mp3

How do you download songs onto an MP3 player from a CD?

First. Put the CD into the computer. Then open Windows Media Player, if you have that. Then click Copy from CD. Then click Copy Music. The Music files should then be in the folder, 'My Music'. Plug in your MP3 player into the USB and then drag the music files into the MP3 player folder. Oh yeah what if you don't have a computer... get on one. Oh wait. You must have to have posted this. Divvyyy!

Does a 4gb mp3 player hold a million songs?

No, a 4gb mp3 player will not hold anywhere near a million songs. If you are lucky, you may be able to fit 1,000 songs onto such a device. This will depend on the size and quality of the songs.

How do you download songs on your mp3 player legally?

There's nothing illegal about copying songs from CD's you have purchased or paid downloads to an MP3 player for your own personal listening. The legal issue arises when someone attempts to profit from on-selling or unauthorized distribution of songs. Connect your MP3 device to your computer, usually through a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. Go to the drive and folder where your songs are stored and copy/paste to the MP3 player. If the songs are on a CD, import the CD into your music player program (like Windows Media Player and iTunes) in MP3 format. Then go the drive and folder where your songs are stored and copy/paste to the MP3 player.

How do you download songs onto an MP3 player?

depends on your MP3 player, but normally use a USB cable and a sinc software. In case of iPod, it uses iTunes to download music to the MP3 player.

How do you put MP3 player songs onto a blank CD?

ask a friend.

Is it illegal to get songs from a CD and put it in your mp3 player?

If you own the CD, it is permissible for you to make a copy of it for your mp3 player. If you don't own it, it is not allowed. Most people do it. No one is going to check your player to see what songs you have on it.

How do you move songs to a different spot on a mp3 from a computer?

Right click on the song and send to MP3 player or you can copy and paste it

What is the best way to get mp3 songs to a CD?

use your computer and plug in your mp3 and insert cd from there you can copy or move the songs onto the cd threw drag and drop or for better words rip/burn

Can you get music off of a CD to put on an mp3 player somehow?

Use iTunes, rip the cd onto it, then drag and drop the songs onto your mp3 players folder :)

Can MP3s and Cds be played on the same device?

Physically, no. But you can download songs from cd's onto iTunes along with mp3's and can listen to both the mp3's and songs from the cd's on an iPod or mp3 player.

How do you download music onto your nook?

you have to get the usb cable into a labtop or computer copy and paste your songs into your nook music files(you can only download it with an mp3 player(see other related links))

How do you download songs for free from the computer to your MP3 player?

If you want to download songs get Ares is s P2P file sharing torrent download what songs you want then you open itunes (or download it if you don't have it) then you select the song you want copy and paste it to the library of itunes then connect the MP3 to the PC then copy songs from itunes to MP3 i hope this helps

Can you transfer songs from an MP3 player onto Windows Media Player?

Yes, if you download it to the computer, it can play on Media player.

Can you put songs from iTunes on a mp3 player?

You can put the songs onto an iPod using iTunes, but for other MP3 players you will need a different method that is probably explained in its manual.

How do you transfer songs from an MP3 player onto Windows Media Player?


Can you put songs from your own CDs on an MP3 or do you have to pay for the same music twice?

No, you can just copy the audio files onto the MP3. You may have to convert the audio files though.