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Copyright law does not protect a business name. However, you might want to register a trademark on the name/brand. This can be done at a federal or U.S. state level. In the USA your brand is protected from infringement as soon as you first use it in commerce in association with your goods or services. However, registration provides more protection and simplifies any future efforts to enforce your rights in the brand.


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You cannot copyright a business name, but you can register it as a trademark.

No. A name is a trademark as in a business . Copyright is a protection of written material. Your name is not written material.

You do not. Names, titles, and common words/phrases do not qualify for copyright protection. Your web business name may be eligible to be registered as a trademark however.

Names are not eligible for copyright protection. However, if you intend to use the name as a mark in trade, such as a business name, you may wish to register it as a trademark.

Copyright would not protect a business name and logo; if you wish to register them as trademarks, contact the trademark office of the countries in which you wish to do business. It is also possible to get "common law" trademark protection simply by using the mark in trade.

Short phrases such as business names are not copyrightable. If you wish to trademark the name, fees vary significantly.

No. Names, titles and common words/phrases cannot be protected by copyright. Under certain circumstances they will qualify for trademark protection.

Business names cannot be protected by copyright, but you can register it as a trademark for $375 on paper, $275 electronically.

The word 'copyright' is a verb, an adjective, and a noun.EXAMPLESverb: You should copyright your logo to protect the name of your business.adjective: Check the copyright date inside the cover of the book.noun: Material with a copyright is not permitted in answer boxes on this site.

A person or company who violates copyright can be sued by the copyright holder.

A business holding a copyright on something can prevent others from abusing it, and make money by licensing its use.

No. It copyright and you are not the copyright owner. If you have a contract to use the site to sell your products then you do so under your business name and not that of the hosts.I.e. If you sell from your own business through Amazon then you are not Amazon and your business name will appear as the "partner" retailer/supplier. If you give the impression through documents, graphics etc that you are the host then the host has a right to sue under breach of copyright.

Short phrases like business names cannot be protected. They can be protected through trademark law, however.

No; copyright protects specific expressions of ideas, not the ideas themselves.

Yes, You can CopyRight a domain name for Free.... Just type "CopyRight a Name for Free" at the top of the page.... Choose wisely!

Names, titles and common words/phrases cannot be copyrighted. The can be registered as trademarks however.

You can't copyright a name. "Where's Waldo?" however, is copyright!

You would want trademark protection rather than copyright protection. The trademark office of the country in which you wish to do business should have information online, and may have an online application process.

No; ideas are not copyrightable.

A copyright is granted to the person that created it. A user name is not considered a proper identification of a person. You will have to use your legal name to register the copyright.

Commercial uses of copyright-protected works include publishing, broadcasting, and so on.

No, you make it a trademark. A copyright is on written materials.

Three things are needed: # The copyright symbol or the word Copyrighted # The name of the copyright holder, usually your name, but could be an organization of company # The year the copyright begins.

Names, titles, logos, slogans, and common words/phrases are not eligible for copyright protection. You can however copyright a graphical or audio expression of that name provided it meets the criteria for copyright.

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