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Copyright law does not protect a business name. However, you might want to register a trademark on the name/brand. This can be done at a federal or U.S. state level. In the USA your brand is protected from infringement as soon as you first use it in commerce in association with your goods or services. However, registration provides more protection and simplifies any future efforts to enforce your rights in the brand.

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Q: How do you copyright your business name?
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Possible to copyright photography business name?

You cannot copyright a business name, but you can register it as a trademark.

What are the legal bits that the business have to take into account?

Copyright. (Name of the business)

Can one copyright a person's name?

No. A name is a trademark as in a business . Copyright is a protection of written material. Your name is not written material.

How do you copyright your web business name?

You do not. Names, titles, and common words/phrases do not qualify for copyright protection. Your web business name may be eligible to be registered as a trademark however.

Do you copyright your fashion name?

Names are not eligible for copyright protection. However, if you intend to use the name as a mark in trade, such as a business name, you may wish to register it as a trademark.

How much is business name copyright fee?

Short phrases such as business names are not copyrightable. If you wish to trademark the name, fees vary significantly.

How do you copyright a business name and logo?

Copyright would not protect a business name and logo; if you wish to register them as trademarks, contact the trademark office of the countries in which you wish to do business. It is also possible to get "common law" trademark protection simply by using the mark in trade.

Can you copyright a business plan?


Can you copyright a business name?

No. Names, titles and common words/phrases cannot be protected by copyright. Under certain circumstances they will qualify for trademark protection.

How much does it cost to copyright a kennel name in the US?

Business names cannot be protected by copyright, but you can register it as a trademark for $375 on paper, $275 electronically.

What are the implication when a business breaks copyright laws?

A person or company who violates copyright can be sued by the copyright holder.

How can copyright help a business?

A business holding a copyright on something can prevent others from abusing it, and make money by licensing its use.

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