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ALWAYS REMEMBER: The three most boring words in the English language are ME, MY and I. This can apply to not only boy-girl relationships, but throughout life - at work, in church, anywhere you encounter people. Learn to LISTEN, not just HEAR what someone is saying. Only talk about yourself when asked and only then to someone you would care to have a relationship with. No one wants to hear how many medications you are currently taking or why your mother's uncle's brother-in law sold his vintage gourd collection for $157. Also, if you are in a relationship with someone who only talks about themself, it most likely won't get any better with time. Read interesting books with someone you care about and exchange theories on the plots. Find a hobby that interests you and learn to be happy with yourself. If you need someone else to make you happy, then you're not looking in the right place! Keep It Simple Sweetheart (KISS)!

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Q: How do you create good conversation with your boyfriend?
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Good conversation with your boyfriend?

Ask him how was his day or just talk about things he likes or talk to him about your problems or thoughts

How do you have good conversation with a boyfriend?

are you a girl well you really dont get around dont you just be your self he will probrably like that

How do you create a good conversation with your boyfriend?

Pay attention to what he says to you, his friends and what you can see he enjoys. Unfortunately, this probably means a lot of sports! LOL Ask questions about his interests and do a little reading and learning about what he is interested in so you can converse with him on his level. Don't forget, he should do the same for you. Good luck Marcy

What do you say to your boyfriend to start a conversation?

okay, if he is your boyfriend he should be someone you can talk to easily. Just start with the normal how are you, talk about your day and youll probably just pick up from there. he is your boyfriend isn't he? talk about anything! If you can't start a conversation with you boyfriend... you shouldn't have one!

Whats a good present to create for your boyfriend?

you don't have to give him anything, but he would like it if you did but I don't know your boyfriend so I don't know what he likes.

How do you start a conversation with your boyfriend when your mad at him?

Call him and ask him to have sex with you

How do tell your mum when you have a boyfriend at eleven?

1st.) are you sure you really like this guy 2nd.) start the conversation asking her about when she had her first boyfriend 3rd.) bring yourself into the conversation EX: so there is this guy i like or when do you think i should have a boyfriend 4th.) tell her outright you have a boyfriend (DON'T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH)

What do you do if your boyfriend is never around you?

Go up to him and start the conversation...eventually he will catch on.:)

Why hasn't my boyfriend had a proper conversation with me for about 3 weeks?

He might be about to break up with you.

What are some good conversation starters for you to use with your Intellectual boyfriend?

this depends on the boy of coarse, but the primitive instincts of man vs. modern society is one that usually works...

What is a good conversation to talk about with your 15 year old boyfriend?

Music, video games, n-dubz girl singer, just things thst boys are intrested in.

How do you start the conversation then talking to your boyfriend on the phone?

One way to start the conversation is to ask how he is doing. You could also ask him how his day was and what he will be doing tomorrow.

What do you say to your boyfriend when dancing?

we have a conversation and tell each other we love each other

What should talk with boyfriend on cellphone?

Start telling him what you did today and that should start a conversation.

To be a good boyfriend?

I think a good boyfriend are the ones who care! so caring && honesty are the keys in being a good boyfriend!

How can you create your own boyfriend on sims 3? can't create a boyfriend. These are the 3 things you can do to create your own sims: 1) You can create a sim along with your girl sim and call them "Housemates". Then, along the game, get them to date using romantic interactions. OR 2) Create the sims in create a sim and call them "Spouses", that, though, will make them married. OR 3) Find a cheat online....

How do i cope up with my boyfriends female best friend whom i dont like?

Having a conversation with your boyfriend and his bestfriend about what bothers you about his best friend may be a good way to cope.

How do you strive to create a supportive environment in a tense situation?

Implement conversation

Where can you find a website where you can create a boyfriend?


Topics to talk about your boyfriend?

it really depends on how far in the relationship it is. If its a new relationship then it can be a little difficult to find things to talk about, but sports and movies are good topics. If it is a closer relationship then future goals are a good conversation starter.

Topics to talk about with boyfriend?

As a guy myself, we may not like to just "talk", but if you talk about something we can connect with, you will have a conversation. Look on ESPN at the top Ten plays then ask your boyfriend for his opinion on one of them... He will be shocked... Men sometimes need to be led in conversation sometimes, so just make sure the content is something that he will find interesting, then if he is a good boyfriend, he will do the same for you (i.e he will ask about topics that interest you) Remember: a relationship is a two way street.

What are some things you can talk about with your boyfriend if you are very quiet and don?

Talk about what you guys can work on so you can work it out. You both should engage in the conversation. It takes two to have a relationship. Good luck.

What is the best conversation or topic to talk about with your boyfriend?

talk to him about what you or him are interested in talk about what you enjoy about each other and if you don't like what he likes, maybe try and get him interested in something you like!! Good Luck!!

How do you tell your mum you don't want her to have a boyfriend?

You sort of ease her into the conversation then when the time is right you spill.

How do you tell your dad that you have a boyfriend?

THere are several ways. You can casually mention it in conversation. You can come out and just tell him. Or if your closer to your other parent have them mention it! That's what I did. I asked if I could start dating when he gave me the ok and i got a boyfriend, I had my mom casually mentioned it in a conversation when they were alone.