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try using Limewire

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What is the website for downloading free music?

You can get 100% free music from Filetopia,as well as Blubster. Blubsters songs seem to all be cut somewhere or another. If anyone has any more ideas improve this awnser.

How do you cut music out of a song?

You can cut music out of a song by using a audio cutting tool. You can use Garage Band for example to cut your music.

How can you cut music on your computer?

You will need software if you wish to edit, cut or trim audio files. The free application Audacity is a simple interface that allows you to do just this.

How do you cut music?

Go to I-tunes and theres a place at the top that says cut music

Is music from Free Napster legally free?

no free music is legal

Website that can download a free and safe software that can use to cut a music from a song to make it shorter?

Go to kitchen software

What is the best site to get free music safely?

music music .com/free

How can you cut music?

If you mean 'cut music' by cutting the song into parts to make it a ringtone there are a couple of programs you can easily download for free off the internet that help you do so. If you meant something else please make it clear. Sincerely, Silent Breeze

Where can you find free recorder sheet music?

== == * "free recorder sheet music" * ''recorder sheet music'' * "free sheet music recorder"

Is there a app on android that can get free music?

free music download

What free music can you download?

Any free music you want.

Is cut the rope free for a tablet?

Cut the Rope has a Lite version that is free.

What is a free program you can download free music like limewire?

Frostwire. the music is free

Why is Thai music considered as the music of the free?

Thai music is considered the music of the free in part because it was composed over free trade routes. Additionally, the creators of Thai music were free to create it without oppression.

Why should music classes be cut?

It shouldn't be cut. Music can improve smartness in people and is very entertaining. People love music and should be in school.

How do you cut music on a Macintosh?

Go to I-tunes if you don't have it download it go to the top on options and press cut music

Where can you find free royalty free copyright free music to use in a production?

You can browse royalty free music on YouTube Audio Library and Vimeo Music Store. They offer some "free" royalty free music and some paid. If you need batch royalty free music for your project then I suggest AudioBlocks. You can learn more about royalty free music here:

Where can you get free music down loads?

You can get free music from limewire and frostwire

Where can you find free legal music?

Its impossible to get free music legally.

Where can you downlode mp3 player music for free?

Free music downlode

How do you get reliable free MP3 music?

limewire has great free music =]

Where can you get free downloads for music? is a place where you can download music for free!

Where should you get your free music?

i get my music from frostwire its free and easy .................penis

What is a website where you can get free music?

You can get free music on Blubster, but you have to download something.

What type of apps can you download for free music?

if you want free music go on the app store and search free music, it is an orange app with a silver music song