How do you date a friends ex?

YOU DON'T!!! Look I know that is probly what you didn't want to hear but remember the Golden Rule (do unto others how you would like to be treated). Wouldn't you be a little pissed if your BF went out with your ex.

Unless of course she dumped him, then that is a diffrent story. If I were you I would probly get one of my other friends to ask her if she would mind if someone went out with him. Then I would wait a few days and then make my move.

If he dumped her I would ask her in person if she still has feeling for him. If so than I would ask myself who do I like more : the guy or my friend. But if you choose the guy then I would becareful because you wouldn't want to get in a fight with her and you know that all your other friends will most likely get involed as well. If not I would be 100% positive that she didn't care and again, wait a few days and then make my move.

Think of how important this friend is to you... if the relationship was in crumbles to begin with then you might not be doing any damage. If your friend has so obviously moved on then I think it is ok.