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Topic: Volkswagen Repair Date:9/13/2004 Subject:1995 jetta

You have two choices fix the alarm by installing a new tumbler, or disable your alarm. Either way you'll need to remove the drivers door handle.

Open the door, undo the torx screw just above the lock, turn key clockwise and hold, then pull gently out and back. Handle will release 80% of the way, now slide the latch that is attached to the handle release to the right. The door handle should now be out. Take out the pin which compresses the spring? (It may have removed itself, and fallen into the door, leave it there,you don't need it anymore).

Stick a small screw driver into the slot you see and turn it counter clockwise 1/4 turn to turn off the alarm. If you remove the battery, or boost it, you'll need to do this every time.

Or you can fix it once and be done...

Buy the new tumbler kit (they are built stronger than the originals, and have the parts you lost)!Not expensive. Then one screw at the base of the tumbler removes the lock mechanism, remove it with the key inserted, note the way that the spring is assembled. Replace each brass piece with your old ones in the order that they came out (to make your old key will work in the new lock), careful not to lose any little springs as you pull each one out. Assemble the handle, and lock the big spring in with the new hook pin at the end. Insert the handle into the door by hooking the release onto the latch on the handle. Turn the key to the right to insert handle all the way. Replace the screw. Test the lock with the door open (you need to close the door latch with a screwdriver, to simulate a closed door).

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Q: How do you deactivate the alarm on a 2001 VW Jetta?
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