Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

How do you deal with an elderly parent who has physically and verbally abused you for many years and now has moved in with you and your husband and children so you can take care of him?



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I personally, would be worried for the safety of my kids wellbeing with this parent, But on the other hand, if they are at the age where they can't harm anyone.. Kill them with kindness, Be to them that they weren't to you. But If they can cause harm to you or your family, then U should find another place for them to go, even if it's a Nursing Home. The staff would be better trained to deal with the abuses that he inflict on others. Well what i would do if i was in ur shoes is tell ur husband then u ur husband and the elderly parent should go to a mental doctor if this is hurting u which it probably is tell someone in ur family that is close to u hope that helps u sorry