How do you deal with snooty customers?

It all depends on the company's policies. Where I work, I treat them how they deserved to be treated. If they are a jerk, I'm quick to tell to hit the road. However, not many places are like this. There is a book called" dealing with people you can't stand", that helps to be able to handle certain profiles. Other methods that somtimes work, is to kill them. That is, kill them with kindness. Trying to understand why they are the way the are will help. == == Well first thing you need know is that the majority of "snooty customers" are actually middle income people trying to be rich. Dont let them intimidate you... Just be yourself and kind of play their game. I've had people try to play this game in my current position. I just talk to them like anyone else. (unless they are your largest customer, then you have to do some kissin and make sure they are very happy...since its not worth losing five million dollars over the guy/woman being a jerk).

But if you let them talk their little talk, treat them with respect and help them out the best you should be fine. Just remember you are not always going to like your customers, its just part of the job. The moment you are rude to them, un-professional, and allowing your own personal feelings step in when you should be keeping it professional is when you will start losing customers faster than you ever imagined