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flush it down the toilet and tell children it is a quick way for fish to get to heaven

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โˆ™ 2006-03-07 08:20:17
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Q: How do you deal with your pet fish when it dies?
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My fish is bleeding what should I do?

Consult a worker in the fish department at your local pet shop. (PetCo, Pet Smart, etc.) If he/she doesn't know, then see if your fish gets better. If not and it dies, then flush it. :'(

Is a goldfish dead?

if you have a dead pet fish what you should do first buy it from Walmart for a 3 month warranty so if it dies in those 3 months you can get a new pet fish

What will happen if you put saltwater fish in freshwater?

i think it dies but ask the pet store people first to be sure

When can you get a pet after your pet dies?

It is impossible for a Webkinz pet to die.

why do we have pet fish?

we do

What were One Directions first pets?

niall's first pet-fish liam's first pet-fish harry's first pet-fish zayn's first pet-fish louis first pet-fish

Which do you say pet fish or fish pet?

pet fish or fish pet. You can say it however you want, but I say pet fish.AnswerIn English it is proper to say "pet fish" because in this case, 'pet' is actually being used as an adjective to modify the noun 'fish' by defining the relation between you and the fish. While its not UNIVERSALLY true, in English, adjectives come before the noun as in "red ball".

What is the average life span of a pet fish?

Oh herro! A pet fish!

Is a clown fish a human pet?

Yes, you may own a clown fish as a pet.

What do star fish eat?

Start Fish DietStar fish eat algae and you may purchase algae wafers at most pet shops that deal with salt water fish.

Your air pump has broken in fish bowl . will fish die?

you should probably get an air pump but if it doesn't work for a while that means, they should just not have as much energy you can get oxygenation pills at most pet stores that deal with fish or/and fish stuff.

What are some commonly used fish pet supplies?

Some commonly used fish pet supplies are aquarium salt, filters, and lighting. The most commonly used fish pet supplies are fish food and a fish tank.

What are some basic tips on keeping a pet fish?

Some basic tips on keeping a pet fish include choosing a correct tank size and knowing how much to feed a pet fish. Pet fish are relatively easy to keep, and can be bought from a variety of pet stores such as Petsmart and PETCO.

What kind food does a small fish eat?

even smaller fish, but however if it is a pet fish then talk to your local pet store for what to feed your fish.

What is the name of the most dirties fish you can has a pet?

A goldfish is the most dirties pet fish u can have!

Is it hard to clean out a pet fish's filter?

yes,it is hard to clean out a pet fish's filter

Is there a pet fish in RuneScape?

yes there is a pet fish that you can put in a fishbowl and feed fish food. To get rid of the fish, just drop the fishbowl to break it and kill the fish inside.

What is a good offline store to purchase pet fish?

Pet fish are available in many stores nationwide. You could check your local pet store, Walmart, or chain pet stores like Petsmart or Petco if you're looking to purchase pet fish.

Where can a pet fish be kept?

In a fish bowl

What fish can pet stores sell?

Pet stores sell many fish; the most popular however are goldfish and beta fish.

What do you do when your companion on World of Warcraft dies?

You simply re-summon it. If you are talking about a hunter pet that dies in battle, then you have to use the hunter spell "Revivie Pet".

Can you get a pet in sims 3?

If you buy a fish bowl you can put a fish you have caught from ur inventory into it as a pet.

How do you get fish food?

Go to a pet store or a pet isle in a store and look for the fish food tins.

Where can one find pet fish guide?

There are many places where one can find a pet fish guide. One can find a pet fish guide by visiting popular on the web sources such as Pet Smart, Live Aquaria, and Aquatic Community.

What do you do when your pet bird dies?

try and move on