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  • I know it hurts one's heart when they have to put down an old friend. If your dog can't walk, is not making it out to the bathroom, not eating or drinking or walking around with their tail between their legs then it sounds like time. If you are unsure take your dear pet into the vet and they will let you know. They can tell if organs are swollen or shutting down just by feeling (don't have them do extensive tests.) I know what I am about to say is going to be so hard on you, but it's important you ask the vet to give your pet a sedative and while that is taking hold you have time to say your goodbyes. Stay with your old friend through the procedure. Some dogs or cats will slink off into a corner or room and just lay quietly. All my pets did that. I found they look at you as if you have the key to their suffering and they stay there just for you. It's selfish to keep a pet alive when they are suffering. Again I stress, just to put your own mind at rest, take your pet to the vets to be absolutely sure it's your pets time. I had two dogs that lived to 20, 2 that lived to 17 and 18 and a cat that was 21. You just never know, sometimes there is something you can do for your old friend.
  • If it is in great pain then heavens will be good for dog.
  • If its just fine and healthy then no if it has a broken leg.
  • If your dog is in immense pain, taking medicine, and completely out of it all the time then he doesn't deserve to suffer anymore even if its hard on you.
  • If there is nothing wrong with your pet at all there is no point in putting it down. It should ONLY be put down if needed.

i know this dog from a family member who had their dog for 15 years and one day it couldn't walk anymore so it had to be put to sleep with a muzzle. he was a friendly dog but sometimes very vicious. he was a doberman

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Q: How do you decide if your 17-year-old dog should be put to sleep?
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