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How do you decrease facial hair?


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Laser hair removal.

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you will grow facial hair at 15 and 17

Pentecostal men can have facial hair.

Their "Skin Cells" aren't developed to have facial har, only few girls have facial hair! 0.00005/10000 women have facial hair

Yes Louis Tomlinson has facial hair

There are some girls that do like chinstrap facial hair. It really depends on the girl, some like facial hair while others do not like any facial hair on a guy.

There are several hair off facial buffers. Some of these include Facial Buffer by the brand Hair Off, the Hair Off Mitten by the brand Hair Off, and The Body Shop Facial Buffer.

Generally, Native Americans have little facial hair. They are closely related to people from Asia who also have little or no facial hair.

Cutting your facial hair is a personal choice. Many people don't cut all of their facial hair. They opt to trim it.

Facial hair does grow back on most people. Facial hair does grow at different rates and thicknesses for each person.

Ot really most facial hair is black because blond facial hair never shows well.

Facial hair can be managed through shaving, waxing and laser hair removal. There are products available on the market that is designed to get rid of facial hair.

Facial hair dye lightens it, it must have some condition!

Drinking beer does not increase facial hair.

I had facial hair when i was 11.

yes it does reduce facial hair and it stops hair from growing on your crouch.

Yes, Dylan and Cole Sprouse have facial hair.

Shaving makes your facial hair grow longer and thicker.

No, there is not any medication to cause facial hair growth.

sometimes girls likes a man with facial hair.

Yes, native Americans can and do grow facial hair.

You regularly clean, massage and shave your facial hair to stimulate growing..

The thickness of facial hair is usually a hereditary thing. Starting to shave as soon as facial hair begins to grow is a good way to start training the hair to grow thicker.

yeah sure if you want !! However, women's hormones affects the growth of facial hair (e.g. progesterone slower the growth facial hair growth), so normally you wont get the same thick facial hair that men have

No, what helps facial hair grow is the hormone testosterone.

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