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You can''t delete song from your iPod ... You have to delete them on your iTunes then sync your ipod ...

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Q: How do you delete songs on your itouch?
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How do you delete songs off an Itouch?

You have to go onto your computer and delete them from there.

How do you delete songs DIRECTLY off your itouch?

You cannot delete songs directly off of your iPod Touch. You must connect to iTunes via your computer and delete it from there.

How can you delete black ra1n for itouch?

delete it

Will you lose your itunes songs if you buy songs directly on the itouch?

no. you have to but the songs, then plug your itouch in to the computer and go file transfer purchases and then it downloads the songs you bought on your itouch to the computer.

How do you delete a FaceTime account on a itouch?

how you can delete my facetime account

How do you erase songs from an Apple i touch?

Plugged the usb cord from the itouch to the computer, then while it's plugged in, try to click on the songs or the folder you want to delete.

How do you delete a movie from you're itouch if you bought the movie from the iTunes store on you're itouch?

Go to the Videos app and swipe left on the video you want to delete and tap Delete.

When you download a new version of your itouch does it erase all your itouch's memory?

No. Only if you delete the programming and then reload it.

How do you sync songs from itouch to iTunes?

you synk it

How do you put the songs on your itouch on to your itunes music?

you go to my computer and click on it and then save it and then loook at your itouch and then you will have it

How do I delete songs off a Computer?

You can delete songs by going to the folder that they are saved in and delete the file. If you want to delete all the songs just delete the folder then.

How do you delete music from itouch?

you can do this 1 of 2 ways. the first way is to connect your touch to itunes and click on your itouch. scroll towards the bottom and click "Manage music and vids manually" the click on music under your itouch and delete anything you like the second way is to go to music on your itouch and go to the song you wanna delete slide your finger across the screen and a red delete button should pop up

How do you delete songs frm your itouch?

go on itunes (make shore its plugged in) and then go to sync,music then untick the song and it wont be on ipod or delete the song from ur library! plz new here

How do you delete games off gamecenter games?

You can't, unless you delete the game from your iPhone/iTouch/iPad.

How do you delete songs on i pod touch?

unfortunatly there is no way to delete songs from the iPod touch itself to delete songs you need to do it through iTunes.

How do you delete songs of a sansa m240?

how do i delete my songs off my mp3 player

How many songs does a 8GB itouch hold?

Over 9000

How do i transfer songs from iTouch to iTunes?

You need MP3 Converter

Does the itouch 4.0.2 update delete everything?

When I Updated Mine, Nothing Was Deleted!

How do you delete music from a ipod?

You have to delete the songs from iTunes on your computer first,then sync your songs.

How do you delete songs from an iPod?

Connect the iPod to a computer with iTunes, then delete the undesired songs.

Can you delete songs on Xbox 360?

Yes but most of the time when you do that you delete all of your songs.

How do you download music from your itouch to iTunes?

When you buy songs on your itouch it automatically puts it in a playlist called "purchased" when you hook it up to the computer it will automatically put all those songs on iTunes

How do you delete itouch apps p?

Hold you finger down on the app, you will see them start to shake and an 'X' will show up to delete.

How do you delete songs from iPod?

you press the delete botton