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How do you delete system32?


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Never delete System32 considering without those files your computer will never reboot again and it will legitimately die. If you have a virus, let and antivirus software take care of it. Never remove ANY system32 files. It will screw up your whole computer.

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If you want to destroy your computer, then why not lol

Linux does not contain anything called "System32" by default. You would remove a file called System32 by entering rm System32. You would remove a directory called System32 by entering rm -r System32.

C:\Windows\ find System32 and delete it.

If you delete the system32 files when you try to restart your PC,It shuts down and your Computer will end up in a error screen for more informaition:

You shouldn't get a new folder, System32 is a virus and you should delete it instantly.

Yes. Delete System32 now.

First you have to delete system32.

unmount the drive (sys partition) (hdd) using a different computer. Then delete it.

False AnswerNo, you can delete your system32 folder without reprecussions. Your system32 files are only used for high end computer diagnostics, they take up so much space that most computer experts delete them as soon as they buy a computer. True AnswerSystem32 contains most of your computer's vital files to function. Those who tell you otherwise are trolls. So, if you delete it, your computer dies.

Delete the system32 folder on your computer

To restore it you have to delete your system32 files.

Delete your system32 folder that works ever time.

You can delete it directly from C:\WINDOWS\system32.

System32. Delete it immediately and you should be fine.

system32 is the most important files on your computer/laptop. if you deleted it,it would greatly screw up your computer/laptop. some people has been tricking people to delete system32 by saying it is a virus,size hogger,or a bunch of useless stuff. NEVER EVER DELETE SYSTEM32

System32 just search it on your computer and search it if you find it delete it!

It's a virus, so delete you have dun goofed boy

NO, system 32 is your computer's operating system. if you delete your system 32, you might as well buy another computer.

to get rid of a computer virus just delete System32 in your computer it is where they all hide just delete the whole file it always works for me

you go in hard drive and look for system32 not system then click drivers in system32 when your in there delete bckd.sys then restart your computer then you have no k9 a window should pop up saying k9 curupted ;)

delete the games .exe file and redownload with the mod inside the main folder. Then delete System32 files to improve ur graphics output

Same as Windows XP, however you can't completely delete it, as files are in use.

You can find run dll error in Windows system32 file. You can delete it directly.

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