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Use a C clamp that carpenters use to hold pieces of wood together. Put the solid part of the clamp on the back of the caliper and the screw part inside the piston and tighten the piston back into the bore.

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Q: How do you depress the rear caliper on a 1999 Cadillac ElDorado?
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Yes. Thay have they have the same bolt pattern.

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its on the drivers side of the engine (otherwise the rear end of a typical v8) right next to the valve cover

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The Northstar engines hold approximately 12 1/2 quarts of coolant, or a little over three gallons.

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The bolts that hold the caliper in place on a 1997 Catera are 3/4 inch. The bolts that hold the caliper together are 7/16 inch. Probably the same hardware.

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Unfasten the bottom bolt ,lift the caliper up ( Its on a spring and hinge ) remove the pads . Screw the piston clockwise until it bottoms out , then lower the caliper and reinstall the lower bolt.

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1999 cadillac

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