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How do you detect and remove spyware on your cell phone?


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January 14, 2015 2:23PM

But for most phones it is easy to detect if someone has added spyware to your cell phone.

  1. If you receive strange numbers i.e. +20 741965895.
  2. If you receive strange sms messages or sms messages from numbers or people you do not recognize.
  3. If your battery rapidly runs low after charging.
  4. If your cell phone seems warm or hot to touch after not using it for a while. "Try this: Fully charge your cell at night time and before you go to sleep unplug the charger and let the cell sit over night or in the day, your preference but make sure you tell people not to call to text you. Then check your cell phone. The battery should still be at 100% fully charged if nobody has tampered with it. again, make sure nobody calls or texts you when you try this.
  5. Strange beeps or vibrations when the phone is sitting next to you while your not using it.
  6. Strange beeps and vibrations when your on a phone call with a friend.
  7. Evidences of jailbreaking the iPhone (as described here - ), despite that you didn't do it yourself.

To Remove:

  1. You can take it to your cellular provider and explain to them that you think its been tampered with and have them restore it to factory settings. Be sure they do not back up your cell phone. This means you will loose all your applications, numbers, data, ect.
  2. If it's an Iphone restore it without backing it up and restore to the latest firmware because once you change the baseband the spyware will be deleted.
  3. Purchase an anti spyware software such as f-secure.

Be sure you report this to the police and keep a copy of the police report! Mail it to the person you think added the spyware. Make the police dept. assist you and give you a report. It can be hard as you really have no proof because it's all undectable. But make them assist you. Don't leave until they help you. That's what I had to do!


Be sure you turn off your bluetooth feature when your in the presence of someone that you think may have the capability to add spyware to your cell!