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Q: How do you determine if the instrument cluster is causing a drain on the battery in a 1987 corvette?
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Why does my 1981 corvette's battery keep dying?

Short in the electrical sytem. A reputable garage should be able to trace it down to the component that is causing the problem.

How does a musical instrument work?

Musical Instruments work when someone plays it. The instrument will vibrate causing sound.

Why Battery will not stay charged alternator and battery are good?

something is causing a drain on the battery when switch is turned off

Why does auto battery leak after charging?

An auto battery could be leaking for a couple of reasons. The alternator could be overcharging the battery causing the leakage. Or the battery itself could have a short or other internal problem causing it to leak when charging.

What instrument is played from a keyboard and hammers hit the strings causing the sound to be produced?

This musical instrument is called Piano.

How are reeds used?

They are moistened and put on the mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument. The instrument is then blown into causing the reed to vibrate and making music.

Could a short in your CD player be causing your battery to not charge?


What could be causing your 2000 Yukon battery to go dead after about 36 hours?

Dead cell in the battery or something is on drawing power from the battery.

Is your alarm causing your battery to go dead if it keeps going off?

Yes, that would definitely drain the battery.

About four week ago you replaced an old battery that was leaking acid Now your new battery is leaking acid is it just a bad battery or could something else be causing the new battery to leak?

Leaking from where on the battery, the caps? If so the charging system may be over charging the battery and causing the acid to boil out. Could be a voltage regulator problem.

Car battery blow when starting car?

Dirty battery connections created a spark when cranking the starter on a possibly overcharged/overheated battery causing an explosion.

Can a bulging battery effect car electronics?

A bulging battery is an indication the is a short INSIDE the battery and it is getting overheated, causing gas to expand inside. It could explode on you.

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