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How do you determine what is causing a 1989 Cavalier to stall when put in Drive?


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2011-09-13 01:05:39

I had a similar issue with my 1994 cavalier, it ran well during short trios, but after she was warmed up, and went a distance, she would stall out at red lights and in slow moving traffic. We found out that my torque converter locked up and now that problem has cost my a new tranny, because it started slipping, becasue of the torque converter. Now after fixing the tranny, we can't get it to turn over, it has no fire to start.

i had a miracle mechanic took him 3 min. to fix the problem after 5 different mechanics tried . all he did was to disconnect the transmission sensor switch and the car hasn't giving any problems ever.

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I had that issue with my Cavalier and it turned out to be a fuel pump problem. I would check with your local mechanic.

with me it was the o2 censer

Your Chevrolet Cavalier 97 might stall when going downhill because it has a bad fuel filter. It could also be the spark plugs misfiring.

I would guess that you have a cooling problem...if the engine runs too hot the fuel can boil causing a stall like you indicated .

it sounds like ur clutch went out in it.

because your a failure and you obviously can't drive!

Will a bad water pump make your car stall out

Clean the Idle air control valve with carburettor cleaner. If it doesn't fix the issue replace the IAC.

There are several reasons an engine may stall while driving, here are three.The fuel tank is empty and the engine is starved of fuel.Not enough power to climb a hill causing a stall.Faulty or damp electronics on a petrol engine can also cause a stall.

Check your transmission fluid level and also if the gear chamber is not well greased then it will make them stick causing the vehicle to stall.

There are several sending units (AKA Sensors) in that vehicle. Which one did you have in mind?

u got problems take it to a mechanic

A faulty muffler will not cause this but a clogged catalytic converter will.

Check for leaks in the intake manifold or a poor fuel pressure situation.

Because reverse is a lower ratio gear than drive and puts less load on the engine.

Drive down pit road and enter your pit stall.

yes but only manuals .... but they don't usually if you drive the car right

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