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First thing to do is check the lube level. May be low of lube.

2015-07-15 19:16:58
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What could be the reason my 2001 Chevy Suburban will not go in reverse?

The easiest and cheapest answer is that it is low on transmission fluid. If that is not the case, then the transmission must be rebuilt.

What is causing a 1990 acura integra automatic transmission to not go into reverse gear?

tranmission on way out reverse usally goes first got one for 100

What is causing my 1996 Saturn SL2 to clunk when shifted into reverse?

sounds like a motor or transmission mount is your likely problem

What does it mean when your reverse is stalling?

It may mean your transmission is damaged, and is applying too much torque. You may have lost fluid through a crack in the transmission. A qualified transmission mechanic can determine if the transmission needs to be repaired or replaced.

Transmission won't go into reverse?

There can be several things that will cause your transmission not go into reverse. The most common cause is the gear in the transmission is worn.

1995 Chevy 2500 reverse problem?

If your 1995 Chevy 2500 truck won't go in reverse, you got some transmission problems.

No reverse gear on manual transmission s-10?

An s-10 transmission with no reverse most likely has an internal problem. The shifter fork or a gear issue can cause no transmission reverse.

What causes a 2004 cadillac deville to leak transmission fluid while in reverse?

transmission leak in reverse only

Why does my 99 suburban dies out when in reverse?

Torque converter or vacuum leak

Why does your 1995 buick lesabre not go into reverse?

95% of GM autos with no reverse will need to repair the transmission 95% of GM autos with no reverse will need to repair the transmission

What is causing 98 Taurus to act like it is in neutral at light and you have to shift into reverse then back to drive and it will go?

Low transmission fluid will make a car act like this. Check the transmission fluid and fill to the full line.

I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 with a manual transmission. The backup light does not come on when I engage the transmission into reverse. Does anyone know how to fix it?

It's a matter of replacing the reverse position swith in the transmission. This switch tells the computer wheter it's in neutral, or reverse and when in reverse it triggers the reverse lights.

Why your reverse do not work?

Transmission problems.

Why would 1995 Toyota 4Runner not go in reverse?

If it is an automatic transmission then your reverse clutch pack is probably burnt out in which case your transmission needs to be rebuilt If it it a manual transmission and it wont go into the reverse gear it is probably a shift synchronizer.

How does reverse bands in a automatic transmission adjust?

Depends on the transmission. Many transmission bands are not adjustable.

Reverse light on suburban won't come on?

you got to replace to light bulbs

How do you fix a automatic transmission reverse for a 1997 dodge 1500?

Put the van on the lift and drain the transmission fluid, next drop the transmission on a tranny jack and proceed to do a transmission overhaul. Reverse the proceedure to install.

Why won't your van go into reverse?

If your van won't go into reverse, the transmission might be stuck. It could also be low on transmission fluid.

Why won't your 1995 z28 won't reverse?

possibly a bad linkage between your shifter and your transmission, if that's not the problem its the reverse gear in your transmission

Why does transmission pull forward with car in reverse?

If you mean the transmission itself shifts forward, it is because the transmission is suspended, so when the transmission is put in reverse gear the momentum will push the transmission forward. Now, if the car pulls forward when put in reverse, this means there is a transmission problem. This may just indicate the shift linkages need adjustment, or that the transmission has a major problem and needs repairing. Take it to a shop and have it checked.

Car will reverse but not drive?

transmission is gone.

Car can not reverse but can accelerator?

It is probly your transmission.

Why doesn't your car reverse?

Transmission problem.

Why won't my car go in reverse?

Tranny is shot.The reverse gear in your transmission had burned out

2000 ford explorer transmission has no reverse?

Everything points to the transmission being rebuilt or replaced. The reverse band broke, came loose etc.