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Working on Fords most all my adult, I can tell you from my knowledge

that you should hear the tank pump hum at key on. For about 5 secs.

There is another high pressure pump on the frame just about

where the drivers seat is. In my years in a no fuel pressure situation

99% of the time the culprit is the tank pump. This is the low pressure

priming pump for the high pressure pump on the frame rail.

In order to diagnois this problem you will need to put a pressure gauge

on the fuel rail where the line goes to the injectors. The fitting on the fuel rail

looks the same as the one on a tire. I am assuming your truck is fuel injected

but in 1987 carbs were still around.

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Q: How do you diagnose a possible fuel pump problem on an 87 Ford Ranger 4x4?
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