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I believe you need to just start the engine with the key, it worked for me

2015-07-15 20:58:09
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How do you bypass the antitheft system on a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus?

You can not bypass or disable the factory alarm. It is part of the computer programming.

Your 04 voxhall alarm keeps going off on its own?

The most common cause is that the rechargeable battery in the alarm siren is failing, giving a low voltage to the alarm system. When the voltage from he battery drops below a certain level the alarm system thinks someone is trying to disable the alarm by disconnecting the battery. As it thinks someone is trying to disable the alarm, it sets the alarm off.

How do you disable the alarm on a 2002 ford explorer?

To disable the alarm on a 2002 Ford Explorer, disconnect the battery. Leave it disconnected for around 10 minutes. You can also pull the fuse to the alarm.

How do you permanently disable car alarm on 1999 mercury sable?

Take out the battery.

How do you disable the alarm on 1996 Nissan Maxima?

hi I am working on a nissan maxima 1996, I put a transmission in and it's not starting, the antitheft light is blinking very fast.

How do you disable the seat belt alarm on a Chevy Colorado?

To disable the seat belt alarm on a Chevy Colorado, locate the alarm fuse. Pull out the fuse to disable the alarm.

Why would my alarm and remote not work on my Ford Explorer?

Start by replacing the battery in the remote.

When reconnecting your battery the alarm resets itself and alarm cannot be disengaged?

Affirmative. You must find out which fuse controls the alarm and remove it prior to reinstalling or re-connecting the battery. Have your remote handy when replacing the fuse as the alarm will go off!

How do you disable the alarm on a 1999 Saturn sl1?

that easy take out your alarm out your car i m sure your alarm will be disable

How do you disable the speed alarm on 2007 RX350?

You can disable the speed alarm by removing the speed alarm fuse. When the fuse is removed the alarm will not sound.

How do you disable the alarm system on a gmc Yukon?

How do you disable the alarm system on a 1998 yukok

How to you disable alarm 1989 jeep?

how to disable alarm on 1998 jeep grand cherokee

How do you disable your rover 25 car alarm?

how do you disable rover 25 car alarm

Factory alarm system quit working?

my alarm system keep disable my car how do I reset or disable this alarm system

How do you disable a car alarm on an rx8 without the fob?

Disconnect the battery, or insert key into door lock and unlock.

How do you disable the alarm in a 1999 montero sport?

Another issue is to disable the alarm when attempting to jumpstart a dead battery. The alarm will come to life and sound when jumper cables are connected to the battery being used to jump the vehicle. The solution is to connect the jumper cables, and while the alarm is sounding, insert the key in the door and manually unlock the vehicle. The alarm will go off, and you can continue to jumpstart the battery. Don't use your key or remote pad, press the lock button from the inside of the car before closing the door.

How do you turn off the alarm on a 2005 Honda Accord?

In order to disable the alarm system on a 2005 Honda Accord, you can either disconnect the battery, or remove the alarm module all together inside the car.

Why would your alarm go off when you started your Lincoln 2001 ls?

Mine did that for a while, I tried everything, except replacing the battery. When the battery gets low it triggers the alarm. It turned out to be an easy fix

How do you disable the seat belt alarm on E250 ford van?

Disable the seat belt alarm in a e250

How do you disable alarm on Mitsubishi montero sport with out alarm key?

To disable the alarm on the Mitsubishi Montero sport without the alarm key you have to open the door. Otherwise it is not possible.

How do you reset your eclipse 54400 after antitheft has been activated?

by reseting the eclipse alarm

How do you temporary disable car alarm on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid you lost your remote and decided to do with out it Today your husband put in a new battery and enabled the alarm Now car wont start?

pull out the fuse for the alarm and that will disable the alarm then just start it up Try unlocking the drivers door with the key, there should be a switch on the back of the key cylinder to turn alarm off.

Reset alarm on 2001 dodge ram 1500?

To reset an alarm on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500, disconnect the battery cable for 10 minutes. Users can also disable the alarm by inserting the key into the door.

How do you disable the Factory alarm on a Kia Spectra?

The easiest way to disable your Kia factory alarm system is to remove the alarm fuse. The alarm fuse can be found in the fuse box.

How do you disable the alarm on a 2005 elantra It seems to go off for no reason.?

How do you disable the alarm on the 2003 hyundai elantra?