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Yes. Option one: Wear your seat belt. Option 2:Plug the seat belt in before you get in the car and let it rest behind you. Option 3: Obtain another seat belt buckle and keep it inserted until you wish to acutally use your seat belt, then remove and plug in your seat belt. Option 4: (if you do not have kids) There should be 3 seat belts in the rear seats, remove the center seat belt buckle and follow option 3. Option 5: Cut the wire in the housing of the buckle insert that delivers the signal. Be sure to splice it back together when returning or selling the car. NOTE: This is for those who are sitting in a non-moving car. Not wearing a seat belt while driving is illegal and dangerous.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-26 17:03:03
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Q: How do you disable the seat belt warning in 2004 Honda accord?
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